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Commercial collection service setup

Bin truck

In order to provide you with quality waste management service, we need to know more about your business or multi-family complex.

To request a quote, please contact 311 to place a service request. A Waste & Recycling Services coordinator will be in touch with you to help you figure out the best solution for your commercial collection needs.

Commercial Collection Service Request

Get a quote

The coordinator will need to know the following information to help assess your needs:

  • What kind waste service do you currently have? This will include the type of dumpsters or carts you have and how often they are being collected.
  • What kind of waste are you generating?
  • What space is available for bins? Where are the bins stored?

For multi-family complexes: Is your complex an apartment or condo? How many units are in your complex?

For businesses and organizations: What type of business do you have? E.g. restaurant, home office, medical clinic etc.

Site inspection

If you choose The City of Calgary as your waste provider, a site inspection is required to ensure we can service your location. Your free inspection will look at a number of factors including:

  • Access to your location: Our trucks need to be able to access your location safely. The inspection will look at the roads, driveways and back lanes to get to your location as well as the ability to pick up bins from your site.
  • Sizing: We will evaluate your current situation to see what bins and service will work for your space and needs.
  • Safety and Protection: Additional equipment and clearance may be required to meet specific safety standards before we can begin service. This may include guard rails or bollards for garbage rooms and bin enclosures.

For full details on what is required of contract holders, please see our Conditions of Service.

For tips on setting up your waste bins inside your building, please see our best practices page.​​​​​​​​