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Compost Right

Some things should never go in Green Carts

Contamination is when the wrong items are put into the carts. Some of the problems include:

  • Expensive repairs to composting equipment damaged by explosive materials like batteries
  • Garbage items slows down operations as materials have to be screened out and taken to the landfill.
  • Plastic and biodegradable bags breaking into small pieces that are very difficult to remove.
Putting the wrong things in your Green Cart also makes the composting process more costly and inefficient to produce finished compost.

Find out where and how to dispose of your everyday items. Visit What Goes Where. To learn how to use your blue cart the right way, see our Recycle Right page.

Do not put these items into any of your carts

Take old batteries (cell phones, laptops, cameras, lithium ion, non-chargeable) to a participating retailer for proper recycling.
Household hazardous waste like propane tanks need to be disposed of safety at a designated fire hall or landfill.

Prepare your composting

Prepare food and yard waste items properly for your green cart. This ensures the finished compost is of the highest quality and free of plastics.
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Use only certified compostable bags.

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Your green cart has a weight limit of 60kg. If you can easily roll it, that's ok.

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Use paper yard waste bags once your green cart is full. Roll the tops of the bag closed.

Do not put in your green cart

No garbage

Scrap Metal

Your green cart is for food scraps and yard waste.

What to do:
See what belongs in the compost and what belongs in the garbage.

No bedding trays or plant pots

No bedding trays or plant pots

Plastic material contaminates the composting process.

What to do:
Separate soil and plants for your green cart. Rinse out plastic bedding trays and plant pots to put in the blue cart for recycling instead.

No plastic bags

No plastic bags

Plastic bags do not break down and contaminate the finished compost.

What to do:
Use certified compostable bags only.

No food containers

No Food containers

What to do:
Separate food scraps for your green cart.

Rinse out plastic containers and put in the blue cart for recycling instead.