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How to recycle rechargeable batteries

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  How to recycle rechargeable batteries

Batteries - Rechargeable

Rechargeable batteries

Take rechargeable batteries to a participating retailer for recycling, free of charge.

Rechargeable batteries are commonly found in cellphones, digital cameras, laptop computers, cordless power tools and other household appliances.

Types of rechargeable batteries accepted include:

  • Nickel cadmium batteries
  • Small sealed lead acid batteries
  • Nickel zinc batteries
  • Nickel metal hydride batteries
  • Lithium ion batteries - please make sure these batteries are separated before dropping off for recycling. Tape each individual lithium-ion battery separately inside a Ziploc bag to prevent the battery ends from touching each other or any other batteries.
Find a list of locations on the Call2Recycle battery recycling website:
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