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Search tips

Didn't find what you were looking for?Try these search tips to find the right information.

Search the type of item instead of a brand name. For example, search for "chip bag rather than Tostitos or Lays or Doritos.

We have category pages for many items. If you can't find your item, try searching for the type of item. For example, "rice cooker" falls under appliances.

Avoid describing the item - remove adjectives and focus your search on only the item. For example, search for "microwave" instead of "broken microwave".

Additions to What Goes Where search tool

Please complete a What Goes Where feedback form:

  • To suggest new items to add
  • If you notice incorrect information and errors.

If there is enough demand for a new item, we will add it to the tool.

Please note that we do not provide information about private businesses except in cases where we have formal partnerships

General cart resources

For general cart information, please see:

Are you a business or have large quantities of an item to dispose? Visit our Commercial Waste Resources.

Title: What Goes Where?
Author: City of Calgary
Description: Residential recycling and disposal search tool