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Vehicle requirements for bulk water

Before your access card is issued, your vehicle's piping and tank must be modified to provide an approved air gap (AAG) to prevent contamination of the public water supply. Failure to provide and maintain the AAG will result in prosecution under the Water Utility By-law 40M2006 / 41M2006 and cancellation of access card privileges.

Approved air gap

The air gap between the end of the vehicle's fill pipe outlet and the tank must be at least 2 times the diameter of the pipe (see the diagram below). The piping that conveys water to the tank must be exposed rigid piping that is permanently attached to the vehicle, tank or mounting supports and fitted with a Cam-Lock adaptor (coupler end).

Bulk water station connection

Each bulk water station will be equipped with either a 50-mm (2-inch) and 80 mm (3-inch) Cam-Lock adaptor end (male) or just a 80 mm (3-inch) Cam-Lock adaptor end (male).

Please note: all bulk water locations do not provide fill hoses.

Vehicle connection

You must provide either a 50-mm (2-inch) or 80-mm (3-inch) Cam-Lock adaptor end (male) or coupler end (female) on your vehicle. The size you choose will depend on the size of your tank, how fast you want to fill it and the type of hose you will be using.

Remember that your fill hose must have at least one end with a female Cam-Lock adaptor.

2 inch cam lock adaptor

50-mm or 80-mm
To be provided by The City

3 inch cam lock adaptor

50-mm or 80-mm
To be provided by the customer

Filling up Bulk Water Vehicle Diagram

Vehicle Inspection

After you have made the modifications to your vehicle, contact 311 arrange for an inspection. Once your vehicle has passed inspection, your card will be issued and activated within one day.

Refundable deposit for access card

You will be charged a fee of $25.00 per access card when the card is issued. The deposit is refundable upon return of the card.​​