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Frozen Pipes Program Update - April 15, 2019

Additional information can be found at:

Please note: We will call you when there is an update for your specific property

Frozen water services update:

  • Despite the warm weather we still have reports of frozen services coming in.
  • Our total number of frozen services this year is 271 to date. 43 remain frozen, most customers are on temporary services (usually a house-to-house temporary line) while others are still receiving care packages.
  • We are currently assessing which homes may be eligible for an alternative form of thawing and will be in contact with customers as follow ups.
  • We are proactively monitoring frost conditions below ground.

Weather forecast considerations

With temperatures warming this week, we are hopeful conditions underground assist our efforts. The frost however, remains at 8ft below ground in many areas. We are still weeks away from seeing fully thawed conditions underground.


  • Keep water running – With overnight temperatures hovering around zero degrees, there is still a risk of lines refreezing. For this reason, please continue to keep a tap in your home/business running continuously – all day and all night with water flowing approximately the width of two pencils in diameter (20-24mm) until you receive a letter from us that it’s time to turn off the tap. The running tap keeps water moving through the line and prevents freezing.
  • Temporary line freezes – If you have a temporary water line and it freezes overnight due to the colder temperatures, but the daytime temperatures are warm, give the line a few hours to thaw if you can. If your temporary service re-freezes and you require your temporary lines to be replaced, please call us at 403-808-3092.

Ongoing monitoring and assessment

  • If you are on temporary (shared water) services and have no way of testing whether your service has thawed on its own or not, we are going to be visiting your property weekly to check on your service and see if it has thawed. This requires disconnecting and potentially reconnecting temporary service so we will be contacting you to schedule an appointment. Our crews will need access your home to try your taps, your neighbor does not need to be home.
  • If you are not on a temporary service, you can easily assess whether or not your service has thawed naturally! Please check one of your taps on a daily basis, turning it on for {amount of time reasonable to see if water starts to flow). If water is flowing, please run the water to ‘flush’ the lines and call 311 to let us know water service has been restored.

Have water?

For customers who have thawed naturally please follow these instructions:

  • Run water for 20 minutes through all your water taps including the basement.
  • Wash tap aerators and screens in soapy water then disinfect for 10 minutes in a solution of one part bleach to nine parts water
  • Disinfect any water filters to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Please also be sure to contact 311 and let us know that your water is running.
  • Be sure to keep your water running to prevent re-freezing until The City instructs you to turn taps off.
  • If you’ve been on temporary (shared water) service and you have let us know that your water service is restored. We will follow up to ensure the equipment is removed. You will return to regular billing of your water consumption. This will also be the case for your neighbor(s).

Water billing update

  • We understand running your tap will impact your water bill. If you are on a water meter, your water bill will be adjusted accordingly for the period of time that you are asked to keep a tap running.
  • While you are being asked to run your tap, you will be charged for 7m3 (cubic meters) per month regardless of your actual usage (that is the average monthly consumption for a single person household).
  • Due to our billing cycles, you may receive a bill that has not yet been adjusted. Please call ENMAX, The City of Calgary’s contracted customer care and billing provider, to request an adjustment. The phone number is 310-2010.

We want to thank Calgarians for their patience and understanding during this difficult time. If your neighbour(s) have been providing water (in the form of temporary service), please do extend our gratitude - great neighbours are the foundation of a great city!