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Health risks associated with flooding


Floodwater is heavily polluted with viruses, bacteria and parasites. When building materials and furniture become wet with floodwater, they can pose serious health risks for homeowners. For more information about what steps to take when returning home and cleaning up after a flood, visit After Flooding.

Flooding and mold

Failure to remove contaminated materials and reduce moisture after a flood can result in mold growth. Mold can cause serious long-term health risks for homeowners, such as respiratory disease and allergic reactions.

People with mold allergies or compromised immune systems are most at risk of potential illness. Additionally, mold can also cause damage to building materials long after a flood.

Additional health-related information

For basic information to consider if you have flooding in your home, please refer to Alberta Health Services' Cleaning Your Home After a Flood. You can also find more information, including what protective clothing and footwear is necessary, at our cleaning up page. If you have concerns about drinking water quality, please call 311