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Flood mitigation and resilience projects

Since the 2013 flood, we have committed over $150 million for various flood mitigation and resilience projects throughout Calgary.

To date we have completed 11 of the Expert Management Panel recommendations, and the remaining 16 are currently in progress. Mitigation work that is already complete or is underway has reduced Calgary's exposure to flood damage by about 30 per cent compared to 2013.

Flood Resilience & Mitigation Projects

Completion Timeline

Glenmore Dam Infrastructure Upgrades, including steel gates 2020

Flood Mitigation Barriers

Centre St Bridge: flood barrier Completed
Heritage Dr S.E.: flood barrier 2018
West Eau Claire: flood barrier 2019
Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP): flood barrier 2022
Sunnyside: flood and groundwater protection 2021
Downtown: flood protection 2022
Bowness: flood protection To be determined
Pearce Estates-Inglewood: flood protection 2025

Stormwater System Improvements

New Sunnyside Storm Lift Station (Pump Station 1) 2020
Sunnyside Storm Lift Station Improvement (Pump Station 2) Early Spring 2020
Upper Plateau Separation 2022
Stormwater outfall improvements (15 locations) 2018
Bonnybrook WWTP: outfalls and utility relocation 2022

Bridge Improvements

12 St SE 2017
9 Ave SE 2020

Gravel Bar & Bank Stabilization Projects

Western Headworks Diversion: site improvements 2018
Flood Recovery Erosion Control Program 2018
Downstream of Centre Street Gravel Bar Modification 2020
Mission island: Elbow River gravel bar 2019
Crowchild Trail NW: Bow River gravel bar 2021
Scollen Bridge: Elbow River gravel bar 2021

Sanitary System Improvements

Roxboro Sanitary Liftstation 2017

Other Civic Projects

Municipal Complex: drainage improvements 2016
Zoo flood mitigation 2018

In 2016, The City of Calgary undertook a Flood Mitigation Measures Assessment to develop recommendations regarding the future of Calgary's flood mitigation and resiliency.

These recommendations were unanimously accepted by City Council on April 10th, 2017, and flood mitigation and resilience for Calgary has been identified as one of Council's top priorities.