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Water development resources

Industry bulletins

Find the latest updates and bulletins related to processes, guidelines and available services for Water Development Approvals - visit Industry Bulletins.

Guidelines and Specifications

To find the most recent versions of technical guidelines and specifications for the development industry, please visit Water Guidelines and Construction Specifications.


Water Resources, Infrastructure Planning Industry Contacts

Infrastructure Planning plays a key role with the development approvals process in Water, as the Sections of Development Approvals, Development Engineering, Development Planning and the Water Industry Liaison all reside within the Division.

Infrastructure planning industry contacts


POSEIDONOnline is the submission site for electronic submissions to Water Resources by development industry applicants.

POSEIDONOnline is accessed through The City's VISTA website, by selecting the Submit to Water link located on the left hand side of the VISTA main page.

For more information, visit POSEIDONOnline Resources.

Electronic Submission of Geotechnical Reports (E-GEOTECH)

Water Resources, Infrastructure Planning, has moved to electronic submission of geotechnical reports via POSEIDONOnline effective November 2018.

For more details, please see Electronic Submission of Geotechnical Reports.

Development Site Servicing Plans (DSSP) Processes - Approvals and Inspections

Effective May 1, 2018 Water Resources will be responsible for the file management and detailed review of DSSPs, and all inspections for DSSPs.

For more details, please see Development Site Servicing Plans (DSSP) homepage.

Water Resources Redevelopment Strategy

The redevelopment strategy sets out the objectives and actions Water Resources will take to improve support of redevelopment in established areas in the city. For more information about the strategy please see this Redevelopment Bulletin.

Neighborhood-Specific Infrastructure Reports

As part of our redevelopment work, Water Resources is preparing a series of Neighborhood-Specific Infrastructure reports, to be made publicly available online.

The reports assist in preliminary infrastructure due diligence investigations related to potable water, sanitary, and storm servicing prior to redevelopment of a site by land owners, developers, and/or their consultants.

This information may be useful at various stages in the development process to help better understand broad, community-scale infrastructure context, from land acquisition through to conceptual design work or prior to a formal application for land use re-designation or development permit.

As a starting point, the grain of detail contained in this report can provide a basic understanding of key infrastructure features in the community that may be useful for those seeking to develop or redevelop a site.

Low Impact Development (LID)

For more details, please see Low Impact Development.

Irrigation Demand Estimation (IDE) Tool

Open theIrrigation Demand Estimation Tool.

For more information please see theuser manual for the IDE tool.

Construction Drawings Submissions

Construction Drawing - Minor Revision (CD-MR) POSEIDONOnline Submission Clarifications

Construction Drawings – Minor Revisions (CD-MR) is a new, Water Resources-only process, developed to coordinate efforts within internal approving Business Units.

Please see the Guide to Construction Drawings – Minor Revisions or the most recent bulletin for more information.

For more details, please see Construction Drawings Submissions.

Stormwater Management Reports

For more details, please see Stormwater Management Reports.

Pond Submissions and Costs Prior to CCC

For more details, see Pond Submission and Approval Process.

Area Contact Maps

To contact a Water Resources Development Approval Engineer or Engineering Technologist for your project's location, please use the map below:

For outline plans, stormwater management reports, or sanitary servicing studies contact the Area Engineer.

For development permits, development site servicing plans, or construction drawings contact the Area Technologist.

Use the Development Approvals Contact Map.

To contact a Water Resources Development Inspection Co-ordinator for your project's location, please use the map below:

For inspections related to development and indemnification agreements, and development site servicing plans contact the Zone Co-ordinator.

Use the Development Inspections contact map.

Precipitation and Temperature Data files

Water Resources has made available hourly precipitation and temperature data files for the analysis and design of stormwater infrastructure in Calgary.

This data eliminates discrepancies due to different datasets being in circulation, thus saving time for both design professionals and Water Resources.

Use of the information in these data files became mandatory for all new submissions received as of Sept. 1, 2012.

These data files are an adaptation of the Environment Canada, Meteorological Survey of Canada data, error-checked and reconciled with local weather observations.

It covers 1960 through 2009; it will be updated every few years. A more in-depth explanation of the changes made is in the spreadsheets containing the data.

Development Inspections

To request inspection services during the construction stage submit the following form to This email is for all construction and certificate requests.

Inspections of water utility infrastructure under the Master Development Agreements and Interim Indemnification Agreements follow the Consulting Engineer’s Field Services Guidelines.

The Guidelines are currently under review to provide more clarity around inspection requirements and further enhance the inspection processes. In addition, inspection fees and fee structures are being reviewed for adjustments to better align with service level agreements.

Cathodic Protection

Water Resources is implementing an enhanced quality assurance checklist for Cathodic Protection Installation via the use of aCP Test Plan Checklist.

This checklist is intended to identify and formalize the inspection and sign-off on all necessary installation steps to achieve the CCC and FAC Acceptance of more complex Cathodic Protection Installations, such as those required by LRT or water and sewer construction that includes the establishment of a permanent cathodic protection Test Point.

New Submissions are subject to the use of the checklist, and where applicable, will be required by Development Approvals to submit a Detail, such as showing the installation of a permanent CP test station.

For more information regarding the CP-OTP Checklist requirements or for assistance in arranging an Inspection, please contact Rod Engel, Team Lead, Cathodic Protection, Inspection Services, Water Resources at

Indemnified Contractors

Learn more about the Water Resources Indemnification Agreement.