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Construction Drawings - Minor Revisions

Construction Drawing - Minor Revision (CD-MR and CD-MR Pond) In Field

Construction Drawings – Minor Revisions (CD-MR) is a Water Development Resources process developed to:

  • Create more efficiency by formalizing and structuring the current “ad hoc” process.
  • Provide better customer service to Applicants.
  • Coordinate efforts within internal approving Business Units.
  • Structures information pertaining to minor revisions which can be used for both CCC and FAC processes.

The Minor Revision (In Field) process does not fulfill the formal CCC requirement, where a full set of drawings set is required. Instead, it ensures all information required for fulfillment is captured. For an application to be considered minor:

  • It must only affect Water Resources, i.e., one Business Unit.
  • If the change requires a revision to the Subdivision Stormwater Management Report, it will not be considered minor.
  • Design changes to construction cannot be outside the construction boundary.
  • To be considered minor, all changes must be within the established construction boundary.
  • Line Assignment change(s) are not a minor revision.
  • Minor changes should not contravene any design guidelines or specifications.

Please see theGuide to Construction Drawings – Minor Revisions or themost recent bulletin for more information.

Erosion and Sediment Control plan reviews are a parallel process to Construction Drawing reviews. Approval is required prior to approval of underground or surface construction.

To submit a de-coupled ESC Plan, first obtain your CD number; this unique identifier will ensure that any ESC Approval is easily linked back to your CD file.

Next, follow the application process as outlined on Erosion and Sediment Control by clicking the Approvals link.

Include your CD number, email contact information and two complete copies of your ESC Plan. Read more in the Bulletin - De-coupling of Erosion and Sediment Control Plans from the VISTA Construction Drawing Package.