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Development Site Servicing Plans (DSSP)


Effective May 1, 2018, Water Resources will be responsible for the file management and:

  • All reviews of DSSPs
  • All inspections for DSSPs
  • Grade Slips; and
  • Indemnification and inspection of all service connections and public system alterations resulted from DSSPs and residential developments (infills).

Any DSSP submitted prior to the May 1, 2018 process change date is subject to the review and direction of the new scope changes if not yet commenced.

Applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the information contained with theDevelopment Site Servicing Plan Guidelines.

Additional information pertaining to the process change can be found in theDevelopment Site Servicing Plans Process Change Handout.

Intake for DSSPs – Regular Format

  • Remains at the Municipal Building, 3rd floor counter.
  • 3 full sets, with the fire review plans on top, can be dropped off at the intake counter. Fees will be processed at the counter.
  • The plans will be circulated to Fire, then to Water Resources internally. There is no requirement to pick up the plans from Fire, and bring to the intake counter.
  • In addition to the applicant info (Engineer Consultant), owner information should be provided at intake. This enables notifications once the file review is complete.
  • A cover letter should be provided outlining any deviations from the guidelines or other relevant information.

Prior to a DSSP submission, a Stormwater Management Report is required for:

  • Sites without servicing by a storm sewer system.
  • Zero discharge sites.
  • Sites with a stormwater retention pond.
  • Any developments flagged by Water Resources to require a Stormwater Management Report in the Development Permit.

A Stormwater Management Technical Memo, and computer-generated model are required to be submitted with a DSSP for the following scenarios:

Stormwater Management Report Requirements

  • Where the public storm system is in surcharge conditions.
  • Sites where Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Source Control Practices (SCPs) are proposed to reduce on-site storage requirements and control run-off volume.

A computer-generated storm model is required to be submitted with the DSSP for the following scenarios:

  • Designs with more than 5 trap lows.
  • Designs with the inlet control devices (ICD’s) in series.
  • Where trap lows spill at different elevations

DSSPs - Small Format

After acceptance of a DSSP and during deep service installation, a change in design may be required due to unexpected field conditions.

In such a circumstance, submission of a Small Format Review may be considered. The acceptance of a small format submission is at the discretion of the WR-DA reviewer. If the proposed changes are deemed to be too significant, a full DSSP submission will be required.

The Small Format Review can only be initiated by the applicant after the DSSP has received approval.

Intake for DSSPs – Small Format

DSSP Small Format submissions are to be emailed to the Development Approvals Business Intake Coordinator via the following email address:

The submission must include and the following:

  • Subject Line of the Email – The DSSP number and title.
  • Contents – PDF attachment of the small format drawing and the Water EPay receipt.

A Small Format Review must meet ALL of the criteria stated below:

  • Must be scaled and readable on 8 ½ x 11” sized paper PDF.
  • Show previously approved design as well as proposed changes.
  • Proposed changes should be clearly identified (ex. Clouded).
  • Be stamped by a Professional Engineer (P.Eng., P.L., P.Tech).
  • Show the Municipal Address.
  • Show the legal information including the section number.
  • Show the DSSP circulation number.
  • Must be electronically submitted.

For additional information on the submission please see Page 5 of the DSSP Guidelines.

Small Formats are considered a full review and subject to the appropriate fees. Payment must be received prior to the DSSP Small Format review and approval process, and can be made via Water EPay:

Once the email submission and appropriate fees have been paid, Water Resources will work to complete the small format review within 3 business days. A maximum of 3 consecutive small reviews will be allowed. After which time a complete submission showing all previous changes must occur.

No further reviews are allowed once inspections on a site are complete and the file has been closed. Any revisions to a site after this time must be completed as a new DSSP submission.

Payment Submission Processes

Storm Redevelopment Levy

As per the Storm Redevelopment Bylaw, a storm redevelopment fee ($84/m frontage) will be required, within the storm redevelopment area, prior to receiving a DSSP approval.

Applicants are to contact Development Approvals, Water Resources, to determine the fee that should be included with the Water EPay service.

Confirmation of payment should be emailed to, with the DSSP number clearly identified in the email subject line.

Inspections Services

All inspections are to be paid for using Water EPay services. The information provided in Water EPay under fees will assist in determining the appropriate item selection.


Inspections Forms

The appropriate form must be completed to initiate the request from Inspection Services. All required information must be provided. Failure to do so will result in rejection of the request. (Internet Explorer with Adobe Acrobat Reader, or direct download recommended).

Intake for Inspections

  • Fees for inspections will be paid for by package as before but will need to be completed online via Water EPay by credit card or debit card. An EPay receipt will be sent to the applicants e-mail upon completion.
  • The DSSP inspection request form must be fully completed to be accepted for processing. Some of the requirements include: the appropriate DSSP number, inspection zone, and contact information for the Lot Owner, Engineer of Record, Prime Contractor designation, and Contractor.
  • Completed DSS Inspection Request forms, along with the attached Water EPay receipts (scanned attachment or copy/paste), are to be directed to:
  • The subject line of the email must include the DSSP number, address, and inspection zone.
  • Requests must be submitted at least 48 hours (excluding weekends and statutory holidays) in advance, to allow for appropriate scheduling.
  • Cancellation of any request requires 24 hours’ notice (excluding weekends and statutory holidays) by the applicant, or a minimum of one inspection will be charged.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to keep track of the number of inspections used and request for additional inspection services as required.
  • As per the Utility Site Servicing Bylaw, re-inspections will be at the cost of an extra regular inspection.
  • Once inspection has been initiated, any construction inactivity longer than 48 hours will require a restart notification to be submitted to the email address above and using the subject line outlined above.
  • Restart notifications must be submitted at least 48 hours (excluding weekends and statutory holidays) in advance. Restart notifications are used only when inspection fees have been paid for and after construction inactivity.

Additional inspections can be purchased through the EPay system; The EPay receipt must be attached to a resubmitted DDS Inspection Request form.

Inspection Fees

Base Fee
A fee for inspections is due at time of application and is applicable to Commercial, Industrial, or High-Density Residential premises but excludes single detached, semi-detached, duplex or triplex premises. A set number of inspections are included in the Base Fee.

Additional Fee
For an additional fee, extra inspections may be added at time of application. The Additional Fee is due at time of application and applies to each additional inspection added to the Base Fee.

Re-inspection Fee
Applicable where the extra inspection service trip is required because of the applicant’s failure to ensure compliance with the requirements of a utility site servicing application or because of inadequate or unsafe conditions (including but not limited to the situation where The City is unable to gain access to the premises to be inspected at the time of inspection). This fee applies to each return trip by The City of Calgary service employees or personnel made in addition to the inspections pursuant to the Base Fee and Additional Fee, and is collected as two times the Additional Fee.

All questions pertaining to fees should be directed to

Site Inspection Requirements

  • Inspection by The City is not to be considered a substitute for supervision, due diligence and inspection by the Engineer of Record, Lot Owner, or Contractor.
  • Inspection Reports will be issued to the Contractor and copied to the Engineer and Owner; all applicable requirements will be enforced.
  • All service connections to the public system as well as any alterations of the public system, are to be performed only by an indemnified contractor, and meet all requirements of the City Standard Specifications.
  • Water services from the property line up to and including the master control valve must meet all requirements of the City Waterworks Standard Specifications and as approved by The City.
  • Stormwater inspection:
    • Stormwater flow restriction devices (e.g. inlet control devices) are present at time of construction completion as per approved DSSP.
    • Stormwater quality management devices (e.g. oil-grit separators) are present as per approved DSSP.
    • Stormwater storage devices are present as per approved DSSP.
  • Any anticipated adverse impacts on public health and safety, public infrastructure or stormwater management are to result in direction to the Lot Owner and their representatives to correct such impact.

Accessing Epay Service

To access Water EPay services go here:

To access EPay directly go here: