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Electronic Submission of Geotechnical Reports (E-GEOTECH)

Beginning March 11, 2019 Water Resources, Infrastructure Planning, has moved to electronic submission of geotechnical reports via POSEIDONOnline. E-GEOTECH submissions will include the following:

  • Geotechnical Evaluation (GEOEVAL)
  • Deep Fills Report (GEODEEP)
  • Slope Stability Report (GEOSLOPE)
  • Hydrogeological Report (GEOHYDRO)
  • Geotechnical Letter (GEOLET)
  • Peer Review (GEOPEER)

This process affects the following types of applications:

  • Land-Use/Outline Plans (LOC)
  • Subdivision Applications (SB)
  • Development Permits (DP)

All new submissions to Development Engineering must be submitted electronically. All E-GEOTECH submissions will be linked to the POSSE Application Number as well as being assigned a POSEIDON ID number.

Report submissions are required to use the standardized Geotechnical Report Cover Page, available in both Word and PDF Fillable Format.

Applicants need a VISTA account to access POSEIDONOnline. If an Applicant does not currently have a Registered Consultant VISTA Login, one can be created from the VISTA site via the following link:

Applicants will require the Subdivision Name when selecting the associated POSSE Application for either the DP, SB, or LOC aligned to the E-GEOTECH submission. The Community District Boundaries map is provided below to assist with location of the Subdivision Name:

Report submissions must adhere to the Geotechnical Report Guidelines for Land Development Applications.