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Stormwater management reports

Stormwater Report Templates

Stormwater Management Report (SWMR) Templates were created to help Engineering Consultants work through the development of their SWMRs. The templates provide further information including:

Please note: The "Comprehensive Guide for Rainwater Harvesting as a Stormwater Best Management Practice", referenced in the Rainwater Harvesting Guidelines published by Development and Building Approvals (DBA) is currently under development.

Should more information pertaining to the Guide be required, inquiries can be sent to Bert van Duin at Once the Guide is completed, an Industry Bulletin will be released.

Final and Revised Final Stormwater Management Report Submission Requirements

To make sure online stormwater management reports are the most recent and approved versions, and to make reports more user-friendly, Water Development Resources requires a clean copy of final and revised final SWMRs be provided after the no objections letter has been received.

The clean copy of the final or revised final SWMR should include the following:

  • Report cover date should match the date the clean copy is being submitted.
  • Appropriate Stormwater Management Report checklist with certification from a Professional Engineer.
  • A copy of the no objections letter is required as the first page.
  • All previous comments and requirements should be addressed and incorporated into the report, with no mark-ups. All updated drawings, models, etc should be incorporated.
  • For Revised Finals, the previous, most recent approved version of the report, prior to the changes should be included as an Appendix.
  • Any previous correspondence that is relevant should be included as an Appendix.

The Final and Revised Final Stormwater Management Reports should be submitted electronically directly via POSEIDONOnline.

Please see theBulletin for more information​.

Clean copies of the Final and Revised Final Stormwater Management Reports are required to be provided with 15 business days of issuance of the No Objections letter from Water Resources.

Availability of Stormwater Management Reports (SWMRs) and Staged Master Drainage Plans (SDMP) and Master Drainage Plan Reports

As of June 16, 2014, Infrastructure Planning is please to make SWMRs and SMDPs available through CITYonline. In addition, Infrastructure Planning is now requesting both an electronic and paper copy of final submissions for both SMDPs and Master Drainage Plans (MDPs). For more information visit Urban Development.

To assist our Applicants in searching for information on CITYOnline, Infrastructure Planning has made available two reference lists for Stormwater Management Reports – one for Subdivision and one for Private Sites.

For more information pertaining to the Stormwater Management Reports please contact Infrastructure Planning Information Management at