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Wastewater treatment school tours

Enjoy the visceral experience of a Wastewater Treatment plant tour and learn first-hand why Calgary is rated as one of the best cities in Canada in terms of Wastewater treatment! Pine Creek is Calgary’s newest wastewater treatment plant. It is also one of Canada’s most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly water treatment plants.

Students will be guided through the wastewater plant by one of The City’s Water Educators, where they will learn firsthand how wastewater enters the plant, flows through each stage of treatment, and is ultimately released clean to flow back into the river.

This tour also includes a look into the ACWA’s Advanced Treatment Facility, where the University of Calgary and The City of Calgary are partnering to explore new treatment technology and evaluate the impacts of diverse pollutants on aquatic environments.

Visit our online wastewater treatment tour page to learn about the processes, technologies and the professionals working behind the scenes to protect our rivers and public health and safety 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Are you a teacher?

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