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Low water use fixture requirement


All new homes and commercial construction, including renovations that require a plumbing permit, arerequired to have low water use fixtures in place per the Water Utility Bylaw.

Low water use fixture requirements include:

  • Toilet (bowl and tank) no greater than 6.0 litres (L) per flush
  • Urinals no greater than 3.8 litres per flush, (tank type models are not permitted)
  • Public restroom faucets no greater than 1.8 litres per minute
  • Once-through cooling systems are not allowed, with exception to emergency backup systems for computers

Did you know: Toilet water usage

Toilets may be responsible for nearly one third of the water used in your home. Some old models can use up to 23L of water per flush.

By replacing an old model with a 6L low-flush toilet in your home, you can reduce up to 85 cubic metres of water per year. Recent studies have also shown that 6L toilets have improved performance and are more effective than older models, which use 13L or more.