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Multi-unit toilet replacement program

For those who own or manage an entire building (three or more suites) including building managers and condominium associations

Replace your old water-guzzling toilets with high-efficiency WaterSenseTM labelled toilets and you'll conserve water and money. The WaterSense label identifies high-efficiency products that meet EPA criteria for both water efficiency and performance.

Toilets are responsible for nearly one-third of the water consumed in your building, costing more money than any other fixture. Stop flushing money away by switching to high-efficiency toilets, and complete therebate application form to be eligible for your $50 rebate from the City of Calgary.

Buildings that replace old water-guzzling toilets with new high-efficiency toilets can expect to use about 30 per cent less water. Over two years, the total savings on your water bill will have covered the cost of your new high-efficiency toilets. With the toilets paid in full, all future savings will be long-term profits.

Apply for your $50 Toilet Replacement Rebate in three easy steps

1. Determine if you are eligible:

  • Your multi-unit building is within the city of Calgary.
  • You have removed your old 13L+ toilet(s), purchased and installed high-efficiency, WaterSense labelled toilet(s).

2. Complete theapplication form and include original toilet purchase receipts. For support with application processing or to address any questions you may have, fill out our online service request.

3. Mail in your completed and signed form along with receipts within one year of purchase.

Toilet rebate application forms

How to choose a new toilet

There are many things to consider when choosing a new toilet. For more information about toilet selection, calculating flush volumes, maintenance, toilet footprint, height, rough-in, toilets in basements, drainline carry and more, visit choosing your WaterSense labelled high-efficiency toilet.

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Terms and conditions

For complete terms and conditions, please view themulti-unit/hotel & motel toilet replacement rebate application.