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Water saving tools for yards and gardens

Below are just a few of the tools you can use to help water your yard more efficiently. These tools, with the exception of the water meter, are available at garden and home improvement centres.

For more ways to save water, check out our lawn care water conservation tips. You can also find information on what plants help save water and money in our YardSmart section.

Garden-hose Nozzle
Some areas of your yard need more water than other areas. The spray from a garden-hose nozzle can be directed onto the plants or shrubs that need more water. Purchase one with an automatic shut-off to save even more water.

Drip and Soaker Hoses
Irrigate plant roots directly with drip hoses or soaker hoses nestled in mulch. Use a rain gauge and soil moisture sensor to monitor water use.

Sprinkler Timer
Use a sprinkler timer and set it before you leave the house in the morning. You won't forget to turn off the water, and it won't evaporate in the heat of day (avoid watering between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. which is normally the hottest time of the day).

Irrigation System with Rain Sensors
Consider using underground sprinklers along with rain sensors. They require an upfront investment but can offset the cost due to lower water usage in the long run.

Rain Barrel
Let Mother Nature help you water your plants and save money by collecting the rain. Plants like this softer, warmer, natural water better and you'll feel good about helping to reduce demand on Calgary rivers. Visit our Green Calgary Rain Barrel Sales page for information about how to obtain a Rain Barrel.

Yes, a broom. It's the right tool to clean your driveway or sidewalk between rain showers. Just sweep up the dirt and spread it on your lawn or put it in the garbage. This will keep the dirt from entering the storm drains, which often lead straight into our rivers without treatment.

Hose Washers
Hose washers can help you fix your leaking garden-hose connections.

Use a long screwdriver as a soil probe to test soil moisture. If the screwdriver goes into the soil easily, don't water the lawn.

Water Meter
Use your water meter to measure how much water you put on your yard and garden. To have a water meter installed, at no cost to you, call 311.

Did you know?
If already own or were considering buying an irrigation system, there is a helpful section on this website that has proper set up and maintenance tips on how to make it as water efficient as possible.