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Water conservation for businesses

We take great pride in providing safe and reliable potable water to all water users.

Our non-residential (Industrial, Commercial and Institutional) customers operate in a variety of different sectors and include: schools, hotels, office towers, restaurants, health care facilities, government buildings and power generation.

Five water saving ideas for your business

Following a few easy water conservation tips not only saves water - it can save money.

  • Track your water consumption using your water meter and your water bill. These tools can help you identify periods of unusual consumption and may help you identify leaks.
  • Check all urinals and toilets for leaks and proper flush volumes on a monthly basis.
  • Ensure all leaks are repaired in a timely manner.
  • Optimize your cooling systems.
  • Schedule timely irrigation system maintenance.

Temperature swings may trip your cooling systems

Calgary is known for large fluctuations in temperature; we experience everything from warm Chinook winds to sudden cold snaps, which can have a huge impact on your heating and cooling needs.

Some closed-looped cooling systems have an emergency 'once through backup cooling' system that can be tripped when there is a sudden change in the cooling demand caused by a significant temperature change. Once through backup cooling systems use potable water to absorb heat as it passes through an air conditioning unit or equipment. These systems send the water directly down the drain without any recirculation before the water is discharged into the sewer system.

Remember to do an additional check on your cooling system every time there is a significant change in temperature. This will help you ensure the system is not operating in emergency once through mode, which can use huge amounts of water resulting in additional costs that can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars per day.