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Downstream of Centre Street Riverbank Rehabilitation Project

Project Summary

During the June 2013 flood, a section of the Bow River riverbank between Centre Street N. and Edmonton Trail N.E. (see map below) suffered moderate erosion causing encroachment to the Bow River pathway infrastructure. As storm outfall damage also occurred within this reach, the City aims to develop permanent bank restoration and proactive erosion protection for future flood events while simultaneously providing features for fish and riparian habitat.

Project Details

The scope of this project is to develop permanent riverbank restoration which will consist of approximately 150 meters of covered riprap toe and planted vegetation at the erosion site. Fish boulders will also be placed in clusters within the Bow River in front of the riverbank providing habitat for resident fish. These fish boulders, when combined with the vegetation plantings along the bank, will facilitate a net positive fish habitat enhancement as well as a strengthening to the natural ecosystem.

Encompassed within the bank erosion site of this project is the existing stormwater Outfall B33A which is positioned at the upstream end. Initial assessments of this outfall indicated that the concrete apron was cracked, likely as a result of the flood allowing stormwater to flow below the concrete, contributing to undermining. The final design for the site includes removing this apron and enclosing the outlet in Class 2 riprap.

Construction impacts

  • No road closures or detours are anticipated for this project however occasional, temporary lane closures may occur with larger vehicles and equipment entering and exiting the site off of Memorial Drive N.E. Traffic control personnel and signage will be onsite to instruct and notify commuters as necessary.
  • While the Bow River pathway will remain open, site crews will take advantage of the split infrastructure at this location (cyclist/pedestrian) as the pedestrian pathway will require a temporary closure throughout the duration of the project. Commuters on foot will be detoured to the cyclist pathway and ultimately able to pass through the site. There will be occasions where crews and vehicles will need to enter the site from Memorial Drive N.E., requiring pedestrians and cyclists to be aware of crossing equipment. Such interactions will be controlled with flaggers to direct pathway users.
  • Pruning of some trees and trimming of bank vegetation for construction access and safe working space may be necessary.
  • Construction is anticipated to begin in the summer of 2018 though some site preparation work may occur ahead of this. Project duration will be highly dependent on weather and river conditions.

Project location

Centre Street Bridge Improvements
Click to view larger image. Approximate location of the erosion site (labeled in red)