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Erosion control measures - grass and rip-rap (stone) lined swales

Broad drainage swales can be constructed with vegetative or riprap (layers of stones) to safety move concentrated surface runoff. These temporary or permanent channels can divert clean water away from disturbed areas and divert dirty runoff to settling traps and basins.


  • Accommodates grades of 1% - 15% (Grass swales 1% - 5%; Rip rap 5% - 15%)
  • Excellent protection in areas prone to rill and gully erosion
  • Lining channels with vegetation or riprap can reduce water velocity and increase infiltration


  • May require additional erosion control (e.g. mulch & tackifier) until vegetation is established
  • The channel outlet and downstream area must be stabilized prior to constructing the channel
  • Riprap and sod can be expensive