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New Sunnyside Storm Lift Station #1

Several storm drainage infrastructure upgrades are taking place in the community as part of the Sunnyside Community Drainage Improvement Project. Together, all of these upgrades will work towards addressing the localized flooding that occurs in the area.

Sunnyside Storm Lift Station Conceptual Design

The new lift station will alleviate localized flooding in the south east area of Sunnyside as well as overland flooding on Memorial Drive N.W., keeping it open for emergency services, citizens and City trouble crews.

How it works

Stormwater lift stations are used to manage stormwater within a given area by pumping (or “lifting”) water away from low-lying areas. This lift station will collect and then re-direct stormwater through underground piping to outfall structures located at the Bow River.


Following a Triple Bottom Line siting option analysis, it was determined that the new Sunnyside storm lift station will be located at 200 Memorial Drive N.W., on the green space, east of the Calgary Curling Club and the Calgary Parking Authority parking lot.

Additional features

Through the Sunnyside Lift Station Engage! Portal we heard from you on the architectural finishes of the lift station. As part of Sunnyside storm lift station project, we are also providing the following amenities:

  • Water fountain/bottle filling station
  • Newly graded area at the bottom of the Crescent Heights stairway to prevent current water pooling issues
  • Pathway widening and realignment
  • A prepped base for the addition of a fitness park to the north of the lift station
  • Two public washrooms

Once completed, new landscaping will be added to complement the existing natural vegetation in the area.

Construction timelines & impacts

Construction of the Sunnyside storm lift station is anticipated to begin in spring 2019. Construction is expected to be completed in fall 2020.

November 2019

Single lane closures along eastbound Memorial Drive N.W., between 5A Street and the CPA parking lot 59, will be in effect starting on October 30th.

  • Work will take place between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. for this duration.
  • Utility tie-ins to the lift station will commence and take approximately 2 weeks to complete.
  • Variable Message Boards will remain along Memorial Drive N.W., with regards to the upcoming closures.

Temporary parking spot reductions at CPA Parking lot 59

From spring 2019 to spring 2020 a portion of the CPA parking lot 59 will be closed off during construction. As work on the project progresses, additional parking stalls will be reinstated.

Storm Lift Station Construction

Temporary closures along the bike paths.

Please follow detour signage either east or west of the pathways adjacent to the site.

Storm Lift Station Construction

For more details on the engagement process, visit the project's engage page.

Read about improvements being made to the existing storm lift station in Sunnyside.