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Oakridge Rain Garden

We will be building a rain garden in the community of Oakridge at the City-owned park Oakwood Park. This rain garden will replace the gravel pad located on the Southwest corner of Oakwood Drive. S.W. and Oakland Rd. S.W.

The benefits of rain gardens

In communities where there is not room for larger-scale stormwater management like wet ponds, building rain gardens is a great alternative. Rain gardens help absorb some of the stormwater and filter the pollutants before they reach the Bow River.

To learn more about rain gardens and how they work, visit Rain Gardens in Calgary.

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Oakridge rain garden FAQ's

Where and how were the rain garden locations chosen?

Oakridge borders the Glenmore Reservoir, which is one source of Calgary's drinking water, which is why the community is a priority watershed.

It is important in these areas that stormwater, or run off, is managed properly to lessen impacts to the reservoir. A rain garden can treat a large volume of stormwater before it returns to the river.

Choosing a rain garden location is also about creating a valuable place for the community. The Oakridge rain garden will replace an unused gravel pad.

Low maintenance and water wise plants will attract birds, butterflies and mosquito consuming dragon flies while providing residents with a beautiful area to enjoy.

What is the schedule for the Oakridge rain gardens?

Members of the Oakridge Community Association met with the project team at the beginning of 2015 to learn more about stormwater and provide feedback.

This spring, the project team hired a contractor to build the final design for the garden. We anticipate that construction will start in early summer. Our goal is for the garden to be excavated, filled and planted before the ground freezes.

Who will maintain the rain garden at Oakridge?

The contractor will maintain the gardens for the first two years. We will then maintain the rain garden to ensure that the stormwater treatment capacity is maintained.

We will continue to monitor the rain garden and incorporate key learnings into future rain garden projects in Calgary.​​​​​​​​​​​​