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Northwest Inner City Community Drainage Improvement Projects

In March 2016, the Northwest Inner City Drainage Study – Sunnyside Review was completed. It looked at areas affected by flooding during extreme rainfall events specifically the communities of Sunnyside, Hillhurst, Capitol Hill, Mount Pleasant and Rosedale.

The study recognized that a combination of stronger storms and a larger population have reduced our storm system's ability to handle heavy rain. Older communities built with only a single drainage system were more prone to flooding, so our engineers looked at each community and have come up with unique solutions to improve drainage.

The Community Drainage Improvement (CDI) program addresses flooding and drainage problems resulting from extreme rainfall in urban areas. The program invests in stormwater infrastructure improvements with a focus on established communities with the highest risk of local stormwater flooding caused by rainfall.

Drainage improvement projects

Sunnyside specific projects


Upcoming projects

Centre Street Gravel Bar Modification - expected construction to start Summer 2021

Northwest inner city projects


  • 1 AV NW CDI
  • 7 AV NW CDI
  • 10 ST NW CDI
  • Kensington CDI
  • West Hillhurst CDI​

For more details on the engagement process for these projects, visit our engagement page.