Licence and Community Standards Appeal Board Post Appeal Process

What happens after an appeal is filed?

In accordance with the Licence and Community Standards Appeal Board Bylaw 50M2011 as amended, upon receipt of a Notice of Appeal, a hearing shall be scheduled within 30 days of the receipt of the notice. For scheduling purposes, appeals must be received 30 days prior to the scheduled hearing date in order to allow all parties to the Appeal time to prepare for the hearing.

Appellants are not to contact members of the Board regarding their appeal. This disqualifies members from participating in the hearing. Board members do not confer with The City prior to hearings.

In accordance with Board procedure you must submit one copy of the written material you wish to present as evidence to the LCSAB, 12 days prior to the hearing, or bring 10 copies to the hearing.

A report is compiled for each appeal which provides the reasons for appeal and the rationale for the City administration decision. A copy of this report will be sent to you 10 days prior to the hearing.

What will happen if a person cannot attend the hearing?

If a party does not attend at a hearing the Board may, upon confirming that the party was given notice of the hearing, proceed to determine the matter in the absence of the party, dismiss the appeal or adjourn the matter to another meeting date.

Parties must submit a written request for an adjournment, including the reasons for the request, to the LCSAB office as soon as possible. The Board shall not adjourn a hearing unless there are compelling reasons to do so. According to the Board’s procedures if the request is received prior to the scheduled hearing, the request will be considered by the Chair and written notification will be sent to both parties.

If you are unable to submit the request in writing prior to the hearing, a verbal request should be made at the time of the hearing. Adjournment requests are not granted automatically. The Board considers each request on a case by case basis at the hearing.

If you are unable to attend the hearing to speak to the adjournment request, you should have someone attend on your behalf prepared to discuss the request and/or present evidence to the Board in the event the request is denied.

Withdrawal of an appeal

A request for withdrawal should be submitted in writing to the LCSAB office as soon as possible. Your cooperation prevents any unnecessary delays for the Board and helps The City use its resources more effectively.

Decision of the LCSAB

At the conclusion of the hearing the Board will retire to carefully consider your case. The Board may render an oral decision with written reasons to follow or the Board may reserve its decision and render a written decision within 60 days of the date of the hearing, unless the parties are notified otherwise.