The Award for Accessibility

The Award for Accessibility recognizes buildings or facilities in Calgary that exceed the minimum requirements of Section 3.8, "Accessibility" of the National Building Code, Alberta edition, for accessibility by persons with disabilities.

Award criteria

  • The building must be operated by an organization other than The City of Calgary (the building can be situated on City of Calgary owned land).
  • The building must have undergone construction, expansion or renovation within the past five years. The five-year timeline begins from the date the subject building or portion thereof was given permission by The City's Development Approvals and Building Safety division to be occupied.
  • Nominations will not be considered if the majority of the accessibility features are not functional or completed.

Note: a group site visit will be required as part of the evaluation process.

See eligibility requirements for more criteria.

Nomination questions

  1. Name and address of the building or facility being nominated for The Award for Accessibility.
  2. Project completion date.
  3. Name(s) of the current building owners and/or occupants.
  4. Organization(s) and/or consultant(s) responsible for the accessibility initiative.
  5. Describe the impact of the project for persons with disabilities. Focus on how the accessibility components of the project exceeds the minimum requirements of Section 3.8, "Accessiblity" of the National Building Code, Alberta edition.
  6. Describe why you believe the nominee is deserving of this award.

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