Industry Support - Food and Hospitality

Industry Support - Food and Hospitality

Calgary is home to exceptional culinary and tourism opportunities. Canada's restaurant industry is part of every community: there are more than 97,000 restaurants, bars and caterers across the country. In 2022, commercial foodservice sales in Canada are forecast to grow to $74.6 billion and recover to 2019 levels.

In Fall 2021, SAIT will launch six new specializations in hospitality and to grow the industry, and foster exceptional talent in Calgary’s post-pandemic recovery.

What Calgary offers

Calgary has over 3,500 restaurants, pubs, lounges and bars

There are approximately 2, 300 grocery stores, butchers, bakeries and food service premises

Over 100 hotels and motels are situated in Calgary

Our brewery and distilleries are growing, and there are 45 alcohol manufacturers in Calgary


Any business involving the sale, preparation, manufacturing or storage of food products requires an inspection for Alberta Health Services.
Alberta Health Services - Restaurant Inspections


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