Utilities, Taxes and Fees

Water, Garbage and Recycling

The City of Calgary contracts ENMAX to provide billing and customer care for water, garbage and recycling services.

Natural Gas and Electricity

Investor-owned electricity utilities

  • ATCO electric Ltd.
  • Direct Energy
  • FortisAlberta

Investor-owned natural gas utilities

  • Apex Utilities
  • ATCO Gas
  • Direct Energy

Municipal-owned electric utilities


The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) manages and operates the provincial power grid. Alberta’s power comes from many sources, including cogeneration, coal-fired power plants, wind and hydroelectric.

Current market rates

Property Taxes

Each year City Council approves the budget needed to support City services. To get the amount of revenues required from property taxes, The City takes the overall expenditure and subtracts all other sources of revenue such as licence fees, permits, user fees and provincial grants. The balance is the amount to be raised through municipal property taxes.

Property tax rates are set by Property Tax Bylaw 11M2021


Provincial legislation in Alberta currently provides municipalities with two primary sources of revenue: taxes and user fees. Whether citizens pay for a given service through taxes or user fees is determined through a process of assessing the individual and societal benefits of that service.