Warning | Boil Water Advisory

A precautionary boil water advisory is in place for the communities of Silverado, Yorkville and Belmont

Boil Water Advisory issued for three Calgary communities

Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw 47M2021

Information in the bylaw specified penalty reference guide is provided solely for the user’s information and should not be construed as legal or professional advice. Visit the City of Calgary bylaw page​ for official bylaw information.​​

Section Specified Offence
3(1) $250 Unlicensed dog
3(2) $250 Unlicensed cat
7(1) $500 Give false information on animal license
8(2)(a) $75 Animal not wearing Tag
9(1) $250 Own more than 6  Dogs/Cats
9(2) $250  6 or more dogs/cats residing in dwelling
11(1) $150 Animal Running at Large
11(4) $100 Other animal in Off Leash Area
11(5) $100 Dog not under control in Off Leash Area
11(7) $100 More than 6 dogs off Leash in Off Leash Area (not in effect till Sept 2022)
11(8) $100 Fail to restrain/remove dog from Off Leash
13(1) $100 Dog in prohibited area
13(2)  $100 Dog within 5m of prohibited area
13(3) $100 Dog in prohibited area: Griffith Woods/Weaselhead/Nose hill
13(6) $100 Dog in Prince's island (Canada/Heritage Day) 
13(4)(a) $75 Dog interfere/obstruct Pathway users 
13(4)(b) $75 Dog Leash length over 2m on Pathway
14 $350 Animal in/on Glenmore Reservoir
15(1) $75 Dog on Leash while operating wheeled conveyance 
16(1) $200 Animal tethered in a public place
16(2) $200 Animal tethered on private property
16(3) $200 Animal tethered  too close to property line
16(4) $200 Animal left unattended in vehicle 
17(2) $500 Animal outside cab of vehicle
18(1) $500 Fail to report suspected case of rabies
18(2) & (3) $500 Fail to confine Animal suspected of having rabies
19 $500 Fail to remove Animal feces
20(1) $250 Animal disturbing the peace
21 $100 Animal scatter garbage
22(1) $200 Animals Bites/barks at/chases: stock/Animals/bicycles/vehicles
22(2) $250 Animal Chase/threaten a Person
22(3) $300 Animal Cause damage to property/Animal
22(4) $300 Animal injure a Person
22(5) $500 Animal Bite a Person
22(6) $1,000 Animal Attack a Person
22(7) $1,000 Animal Attack another Animal causing Severe Injury
22(8) $1,750 Animal Cause death to Animal
22(9) $2,000 Animal Attack a Person causing Severe Injury
23 $500 Direct Animal to Attack/chase/harass/threaten a Person/Animal
24 $500 Fail to report Bite to person/animal
25(1) $200 Keep Livestock in City 
25(3) $200 Keep bees/pigeons/hens without license
25(4) $200 Keep Roster in City
25(5) $300 Feed/lure Wildlife
26(1) $100 Allow a Horse in a Park
28(a)-(i) $200 Failure to abide by condition of Urban Livestock licence
39(2) $200 Failure to abide by condition of Temporary Livestock Permit
71(a) $500 Obstruct/interfere an Officer
71(b) $500 Open van or vehicle
71(c) $500 Remove/attempt to remove impounded Animal
71(d) $500 Refuse to comply with Officer’s order
71(e) $500 Refuse to surrender Animal to Officer
71(f) $500 Provide false name/licence number to Officer
72 $500 Interfere/obstruct Officer conducting inspection
73(a) $500 Untie/loosen/free restrained Animal
73(b) $500 Open gate/door allowing Animal to Run at Large
73(c) $500 Entice  Animal to Run at Large
73(d) $500 Tease an Animal in enclosed space
73(e) $500 Throw/poke object at Animal in enclosed space

Definitions: Animal = any mammal, excluding a human, or any bird, reptile or amphibian. Attack = an assault resulting in bleeding, bone breakage, sprains, serious bruising, or multiple injuries. Bite = wound to the skin causing it to bruise, puncture, or break. Livestock = horse, mule, ass, swine, emu, ostrich, camel, llama, alpaca, sheep, goat, domesticated deer, reindeer, moose, elk, bison, farm bred fur bearing animals including foxes and mink, cattle or other bovine, birds including chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, pheasants, plus all Animals kept for agricultural purposes, excluding dogs, cats, other domesticated household pets. Severe Injury = any physical injury that results in broken bones or disfiguring lacerations requiring multiple sutures or cosmetic surgery. ​