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Election and Census

Election and Census

Quadrennial General Election and annual Civic Census

Running for Municipal Office

The Election and Census Division is responsible for:

  • The conduct of the annual civic census for the City of Calgary;
  • The conduct of the municipal elections for mayor and councillors of the City of Calgary, public school trustees for the Calgary Board of Education and separate school trustees for the Calgary Roman Catholic Separate School District No. 1;
  • The conduct of by-elections as required for municipal and school trustee offices;
  • The conduct of the enumeration of eligible electors every four years;
  • Sufficiency determination of petitions, other than local improvement, submitted to Council under the Municipal Government Act;


The rules governing the completion and submission of petitions, other than local improvement petitions, are covered in the Municipal Government Act, Sections 219 to 240.


An Enumeration of eligible electors is conducted with the civic census in April of an election year for the fall Municipal Election. In 1995, the provincial and federal governments entered into an agreement to share electors lists and produce a permanent voters list. At this time the City of Calgary is not part of this agreement. The initial lists used by these levels of government had fewer persons enumerated than The City did in 1995. This is because our enumeration is conducted as part of the civic census and more effort is expended to collect all names. Also, governments participating in these lists must establish procedures to maintain the list of names as current as possible which would probably cost more than an enumeration done with the census.

You can vote, even if you were not enumerated.

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