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Participate in a Council or Committee meeting

Members of City Council regularly meet at Council and committee meetings to discuss issues such as policies, bylaws, the City budget and major projects to be undertaken by City departments. The public may attend or participate in any Council or committee meeting.

How to get involved in Council and Committee meetings

Watch - Council and Committee meetings live stream at

Submit - Public wishing to submit a written comment to Council or Committees may do so using the public submission form.

Speak - Public wishing to speak are encouraged to participate remotely. Use the public submission form to register to speak and you will receive further information on how to call in.

Check - Council or Committee meeting agenda progress at

Participate - Meetings where the public can participate are indicated on the top of the meeting agenda and noted on the Council and Committee calendar. These meetings may include Combined Council meetings and Standing Policy Committee meetings.

COVID precautions

To make a written submission or register to speak, use the Public Submission Form. Public wishing to speak must participate remotely. Information on how to call in will be provided after registration.

Watch Council and Committee meeting live video at

Members of Council and Committees may be participating remotely​.

Respectful participation

All visitors to City of Calgary facilities are expected to follow the appropriate policies and procedures to ensure the safety and security of everyone working in and visiting our sites. This includes respectful remote participation in meetings (call-in etc.).

The City of Calgary's Code of Conduct includes a Respectful Workplace Policy as well as a Workplace Violence Policy. Contractors, suppliers, volunteers and members of the public are expected to adhere to these policies.

In person participation

The Council Chamber is located in the Atrium of the Municipal Building as shown in the Municipal Complex map at 800 MacLeod Trail S.E. Generally, you enter the Council Chamber via the south side entrance.

All visitors to the Council Chamber must pass through a metal detector and all bags, backpacks and purses will be inspected.

  • Visitors do not have to remove shoes, belts or jackets to pass through the metal detector. They will be asked to empty pockets prior to passing through.
  • Metal detectors are safe for all individuals, including pregnant women, children and people with pacemakers. They operate at a very low frequency of electromagnetic pulses, which are lower than levels in a cell phone or garage door opener. There is no exposure to radiation.
  • Visitors in wheelchairs or strollers will undergo screening with a hand-held wand.
  • Visitors should advise security staff if they have a medical implant that may set off the metal detector. If the alarm sounds, those visitors will require additional screening with a hand-held wand.

To avoid delays, we encourage visitors to arrive early. Please visit Council Chamber Visitor Screening to learn more about the Council Chamber visitor screening procedures.

Prohibited items

A number of items are prohibited inside Council Chamber. Visitors to Council Chamber carrying a prohibited item will be denied access until the item is removed or discarded; there are no storage facilities available for any articles. The list includes:

  • Food and beverages; however water will be available near the south entrance inside the Council Chamber.
  • Weapons, including mace or pepper spray;
  • Illegal drugs or substances;
  • Firearms and ammunition of any type;
  • Explosives and flammable substances;
  • Noisemakers.

Special circumstances

Service Animals: Individuals with service animals must walk through the metal detector with the animal. If the alarm sounds, screeners will manually inspect the individual and the animal.

Religious & Ceremonial items: A religious or ceremonial item including kirpans containing sheaths may not exceed a maximum length of 7.5 inches or 19 cm (maximum length of blade may only be 4 inches or 10 cm), may be brought into Council Chamber by initiated Sikhs. A kirpan must be identified by the individual possessing it as well as other religious or ceremonial items. A kirpan must be concealed and it must remain sheathed while in Council Chamber.

Mobility Assistive Devices: People who use a mobility device (i.e., wheelchair, crutches, cane) will be inspected using visual and hand-held wand techniques. Those who are able to pass through a metal detector without their mobility device, or whose device will not impact the screening, will be offered the choice of screening technique.

Prosthetics, casts, splints and metal implants: Visitors should advise security staff if they have any of these items. Individuals are required to pass through the metal detector. If required, the individual may be inspected using visual and hand-held wand techniques to identify metal objects in an identified area.

Medical needs: People with medical conditions such as diabetes, anaphylaxis or severe migraines may enter with needles and other medical instruments that are required for their safety.

Backpacks, bags, luggage

Backpacks, bags, luggage and large purses are subject to inspection.

Mobile communication devices

Please turn off the volume, ringer and alerts on all mobile devices in Council Chamber.

Speaking at meetings

Members of the public are invited to speak at committee meetings in the Council Chamber at the public presenter’s podium located on the gallery side of the bar of Council near the north entrance.

Members of the public are permitted to speak to Agenda items at SPC Meetings and at Council’s Public Hearings. A vote of Council is required for a member of the public to speak at a Regular Council Meeting.

Presentations may be made up to five minutes (excluding question and answer time).

If you wish to have written documentation distributed at a meeting, the presenter must request permission from the Chair or Mayor (whomever is presiding) at the time of his/her presentation. A minimum of 35 copies of any materials your wish to have distributed are required.

The following are the general rules of conduct when a member of the public is speaking at a Committee and/or Council meeting:

  • Introduce yourself to the attending Legislative Assistant.
  • When invited by the Chair, come forward to speak.
  • Speak directly into the voice activated micro-phone.
  • Introduce yourself to the Committee, spelling your name for the record
  • Address the Chairman as Mr. Chair or Madam Chair, as appropriate
  • When requested by the Mayor to address Council, you should address the Mayor as “Your Worship”

More information

For more information, view the Legislative Services FAQ or contact the City Clerk's Office.

For questions related to Council Chamber visitor screening, contact 311.