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What is City Council?

City Council is made up of the Mayor and 14 City Councillors who each represent one of the city’s 14 wards.

It is the main governing and legislative body for the City of Calgary and it is responsible for making important decisions on your behalf.

Members of City Council regularly meet at Council and committee meetings to discuss issues such as policies, bylaws, the City budget and major projects to be undertaken by City departments. The public may attend any Council or committee meeting.

Did you know that the committee meetings are being relocated in September?

Historic City Hall (the sandstone building) is closed temporarily for four years for rehabilitation work. As a result, all committees which currently meet in the Historic City Hall will be relocated as listed below.

What committee meetings are being relocated to the Legal Traditions Room?

Starting in September, the following committees will meet in the new Legal Traditions Room on the fourth floor of the Administration Building:

  • Inter-Governmental Affairs Committee
  • Gas, Power and Telecommunications Committee
  • Calgary Transit Access Eligibility Appeal Board

The new Legal Traditions Room is located in the Administration Building at 313 7 Avenue S.E. Once you are in the Administration Building as shown in the map, you will need to take the elevator to the fourth floor to get to the Legal Traditions Room.

What committee meetings are being relocated to Council Chamber?

Starting in September, the following committees will meet in the Council Chamber:

  • All Standing Policy Committees (SPCs)which includes: SPC on Utilities & Corporate Services, SPC on Transportation & Transit, SPC on Planning & Urban Development, and SPC on Community & Protective Services
  • Priorities and Finance Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • The Calgary Planning Commission

The Council Chamber is located in the Atrium of the Municipal Building as shown in this map at 800 MacLeod Trail S.E. Generally, you enter the Council Chamber via the south side entrance.

Please visit Boards, Commissions and Committees Calendar for updated location information for all committee meetings.

What is the Council Chamber visitor screening process?

All visitors to the Council Chamber must pass through a metal detector and all bags, backpacks and purses will be inspected.

A number of items are prohibited inside Council Chamber. Visitors to Council Chamber carrying a prohibited item will be denied access until the item is removed or discarded; there are no storage facilities available for any articles. The list includes:

  • Food and beverages; however water will be available near the south entrance inside the Council Chamber.
  • Weapons, including mace or pepper spray;
  • Illegal drugs or substances;
  • Firearms and ammunition of any type;
  • Explosives and flammable substances;
  • Noisemakers.

To avoid delays, we encourage visitors to arrive early. Please visit Council Chamber Visitor Screening to learn more about the Council Chamber visitor screening procedures.

From where do members of the public speak in the Council Chamber?

Members of the public are invited to speak at committee meetings in the Council Chamber at the public presenter’s podium located on the gallery side of the bar of Council near the north entrance.

When are public Council or Committee meetings?

Council meetings are normally held the first and third Mondays of the month at 9:30 a.m. You can view the full Council Calendar for more information. 

Committee meetings are held throughout the year, except in August, at various times. Please visit the Boards, Commissions and Committees Calendar for committee meeting location times.

Before attending a Council or committee meeting, please review the Council meeting protocol. We also offer information on meeting locations, presenting to Council and more.

You can also watch Council meetings live on (the video stream is only available when Council is in session). Meeting agendas, minutes and video archives are also available. 

What else can I do to get involved?

You can also volunteer to be on one of the City of Calgary Boards, Commissions and Committees

Who can I contact for more information?

For addition information, please visit the Legislative Services FAQ or contact the City Clerk’s Office at 403-268-5861. For questions related to Council Chamber visitor screening, please contact 311.