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Our Road Map


Our Road Map

Our Road Map is a supplement to the Leadership Strategic Plan. It is a guide that will lead us step-by-step toward organizational efficiency through three distinct stages:

Stage 1

Organizational Stability

Stage completed
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Step 1

Articulate the leadership vision - Create purpose for Council through a compelling vision that is inclusive and credible, and challenges and inspires people to align their energies in a common direction.

Step 2

Concentrate on priorities - State what is important and why. Rate and rank those priorities in terms of critical importance.

Step 3

Establish goals - Determine the direction that should be taken. Formulate specific goals to be accomplished that clarify ambitions and aspirations.

Step 4

Set specific objectives, measures and targets - Specify how improvement will be evaluated and measured. Establish measurable targets clearly outline intentions (outputs and outcomes) to be achieved.

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Stage 2

Organizational Effectiveness and Economy

Stage completed
Step 5

Align with strategic direction - Support the vision, strategic direction and priorities of The City.

Step 6

Clarify focus and accountability - Ensure there are clearly defined roles, responsibilities and accountabilities with single points of accountability, no duplication in service delivery, and clustering of like services to promote service efficiencies and effectiveness.

Step 7

Enhance organizational development - Build organizational skills and capabilities, and provide staff opportunities to meet current and future expectations and requirements while facilitating a clear plan for succession.

Step 8

Enable service integration - Provide an integrated service approach which leverages existing expertise, encourages collaboration and adopts best practices to ensure seamless and coordinated service delivery.

Step 9

Build organizational flexibility - Enable sufficient flexibility to anticipate and respond to changing needs and requirements.

Step 10

Focus on customer needs and citizen engagement - Be accessible, responsive and easily understood by customers while enhancing the ability of The City to anticipate and respond to changing customer needs and requirements. Enable the effective and ongoing engagement with citizens and responding to changing needs and expectations.

Step 11

Balance scope and scale of departments - Ensure that the scale and scope of operations across each layer in the organization are comparable in terms of operational, political and financial complexity and risk.

Stage 3

Organizational Efficiency

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Step 12

Address structural efficiency - Improve the formal system of task and reporting relationships that manages employees to achieve the corporation’s goals and objectives. Promote productive and positive behaviour. Help people understand the purpose behind the tasks they perform, enabling greater performance efficiency. Develop cohesion between groups, teams, divisions and departments.

Step 13

Strive for cost efficiency - Produce optimum results for municipal investment or expenditure. Create value.