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Our Leadership

14 City councillors and Mayor

City Council

City Council consists of the Mayor and 14 City Councillors, one representing each of Calgary's 14 Wards. City Council is the main governing and legislative body for The City of Calgary and is responsible for making the decisions necessary to allow the Corporation to achieve its purposes by determining goals and priorities, developing and approving policies, raising and spending money, planning and providing services and programs and representing the municipality.

Our success as an organization is measured by how well the entire organization provides quality public service to the citizens of Calgary. It is ​a key responsibility of the corporate leadership team to ensure that the actions and directions of management support the corporate vision and strategies. This means:

  • finding opportunities to work collaboratively with other parts of the organization and to encourage this in staff
  • articulating and supporting the common objectives shared by all departments, and
  • providing direction to staff to ensure that individual actions support organizational effectiveness.

David Duckworth
City Manager

Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) is the most senior group of administrative officials in the organization. The ELT exists to understand, make decisions about, and co-ordinate the various programs, projects and initiatives that have broad corporate scope and influence to balance priorities in the best interests of the city community as a whole. The ELT tries to look beyond departmental or business unit silos and strives to connect all work processes so that they support overarching corporate goals.

At ELT meetings the group will consider not just what needs to be done in various departments, but how work processes flow together, how employees can be best empowered to perform their jobs, and how each initiative will deliver on the priorities of Council. The ELT recognizes that moving the Corporation ahead effectively and consistently requires that leaders fully understand risks and issues and develop a vision for the future based on that understanding.

Chris Arthurs​
Acting General Manager
Deputy City Manager's Office

Katie Black
Acting General Manager
Community Services

Devery Corbin
Chief of Staff
Office of the Mayor

Stuart Dalgleish
General Manager
Planning & Development

Heather Domzal
Chief of Staff
City Manager’s Office

Jill Floen
City Solicitor & General Counsel

Dan Li​macher
Acting General Manager
Utilities & Environmental Protection

Carla Male
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Office

Doug Morgan
Acting General Manager Transportation

Michael Thompson
General Manager Green Line (temporary)​

Senior Management Team (SMT)

The City of Calgary's Senior Management Team (SMT) consists of the directors of business units from across the Corporation who work collaboratively to:

  • Advise on strategic issues related to corporate decision making
  • Generate solutions to organizational challenges
  • Provide direction on corporate-wide projects and initiatives, and
  • Empower employees through The City's core values.