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One Calgary: the plan

OUR STRATEGY One Calgary: the plan

Calgary exists because of you. A city is a city because of its people.

We provide services like road maintenance, clean drinking water, and garbage collection because citizens need them; but how we deliver, manage and plan those services wasn't always clear.

You've told us you:

One Calgary is the plan for accomplishing these goals.

Tax breakdown

The funds collected through property tax are generally split between the province and The City. In 2018, 61 per cent of the residential property tax paid by property owners will pay for services. 39 per cent will go to the Province of Alberta. 

Source: Action Plan 2015-2018

Your money, your voice

Your tax dollars pay for City services. It’s a vital investment that benefits all citizens. You should know what you’re getting.

Clarity in everything we do

Your trust is vital to our success. We're being clear and transparent about our business. You should see how and why we make decisions.

Strength for our future

Your future is created by our actions today. By building resiliency into everything we do, Calgary is stronger every day. You should have a home that will survive, adapt and grow.

We’re changing our business on the ground, and the culture at City Hall.