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2020 Tax Changes

What is the typical tax bill ​change for 2020?

There were no major budget increases this year except for the need to collect additional funds to cover the costs of the provincial government’s increase to the fees it charges the Calgary Police Service. This increased the budget of 1.5%, but Council approved the use of some one-time surplus money to rebate 1.5 % back to taxpayers. This means a net increase of essentially zero to the tax rate for all property owners 2020.

2020 Residential property tax change

Residential taxpayers will see a combined municipal and provincial tax increase of 7.55% or $240 per year for the typical assessed property of $455,000 after the Council rebate.

Municipal tax shift

The municipal shift in tax responsibility from non-residential taxpayers to residential taxpayers is not a tax rate increase to fund additional services, but an increase in the share of property tax residential property owners are paying to lessen the amounts paid by local businesses. Learn more about the need for business tax relief.

Experiencing a larger property tax increase than 7.5 %?

  • ​Provincial and municipal tax increases are only two factors that impact your tax bill. It’s important to note that the assessment year-to-year change in the value of your home will determine if your change is less, equal to or more than the 7.5%. Learn more about how the typical market change in Calgary might effect your tax bill.
  • Tax Instalment Payment Program (TIPP) participants may see a change in their July 1 monthly instalment amount. Your increased tax responsibility is spread over the last six months of this year and not 12 months. Multiplying your instalment change by 12 will make your tax increase appear higher than it is. Learn more July-December TIPP installment payments.

2020 Non-residential (business) property tax change

Excluding the impact of assessment changes and Phased Tax Program (PTP) rebates, non-residential taxpayers will see a combined decrease of 12.07% or $2,640 per $1 million of assessed value annually after the Council rebate. The year-to-year change also influences your property tax bill in your property’s assessment value.

Learn more about why long-term support for businesses and our local economy was approved by Council last year.