Caution | State of local emergency renewed until August 13, 2021

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Responding with compassion

Responding with compassion

We’re working hard to lead our city through the pandemic and beyond. With compassion for all Calgarians and unwavering determination to revitalize our economy, we’ll thrive in the post-COVID world. Here you’ll find information on support programs and everything we’re doing to drive a strong recovery.

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Responding to keep you safe

Since the pandemic began, we’ve responded with up-to-date health and safety information to help stop the spread.

Today, we’re working with all levels of government and community partners to help vulnerable individuals and families meet their basic needs.

We’re also providing businesses with tools and financial assistance to help them stay open and operate safely.


Reinventing our economy for the future

Rebuilding a thriving city centre. Promoting innovation. Supporting local businesses.

We’re taking bold action now to bring jobs and investment back to our city.

Changes in the energy industry and the way we work demand a new path forward.

Plans to reposition Calgary for the new economy are already underway, including downtown’s reinvention.

Because when downtown thrives, we all benefit.


Reconnecting people and opportunities

We know many families and businesses are struggling to make ends meet.

We’re doing everything we can to deliver more services for your tax dollars.

Reinvesting in roads, non-profits, parks and essential city building creates countless job opportunities.

When we’re working and building during the pandemic, we’re rebuilding Calgary’s economy too.