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Calgary Police Services (CPS)

What we do

Work together to provide a safe community through crime prevention and education, crime reduction, early intervention and treatment, and enforcement.


Total Gross Budget 2014 - $442.2M

Tax-Supported Net Operating Budget 2014 - $348.2M 


Calgary Police Service Operating Budget


Capital Budget - $15M


Calgary Police Service Capital Budget


Strategic Direction

Our strategy is framed by two approaches:

Crime Prevention and Reduction Continuum

This strategic document highlights the Calgary Police Service (CPS) commitment to reducing crime in our community by working with community partners to develop comprehensive strategies that address crime prevention through education, prevention and early intervention, treatment and enforcement.

These strategies are applied progressively along a continuum with the ultimate goal of keeping individuals out of the formal justice system when appropriate, and to eliminate the underlying causes of criminal behaviour.

2012-2014 Budget and Business Plans

Our budget and business plans enhance our strategy by:

  • Strengthening Community Policing. We aim to improve communication with citizens and community organizations to understand public safety needs and to confront and address crime with the ultimate goal of ensuring citizen safety.
  • Fostering a strong workplace community. We are working to provide a healthy, safe and respectful environment for our employees. We support our employees so they are able to better serve our partners and citizens of Calgary.
  • Optimizing efficiencies while focusing on information technology and infrastructure. We are working to best utilize various technologies to improve investigative and crime analysis functions.

2012 – 2013 Accomplishments

Decreasing crime

Calgary Police Service investigates and resolves such key citizen concerns as illegal gang activity, house break and enter, illegal drug activity and assault and traffic violations, which resulted in a decrease in almost all incidents in 2013, compared with 2012.

Safe Communities Opportunity and Resource Centre (SORCe)

The Calgary Police Service is a key partner in the opening of the Safe Communities Opportunity and Resource Centre (SORCe) in 2013. SORCe conducts centralized intake and initial assessment, linkages to mental health/addiction services, housing, employment training and other resources to support community members who may need assistance. This process allows community based organizations to provide an enhanced, coordinated response that reduces duplication of efforts.

Vulnerable Persons Team

The CPS Vulnerable Persons team partnered with Calgary homeless shelters and leisure centres to address concerns of vulnerable populations during the June flood evacuation.

Elder abuse partnerships

The Elder Abuse Response Team is a partnership between police, social workers and nurses with the goal of reducing victimization of elderly.

Child and family partnerships

The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre opened in May 2013. This Centre has allowed for collaboration between the Calgary Police, Child and Family Services, Alberta Health, and Crown Prosecution to support children and their families dealing with domestic violence.

School partnerships

Multi-Agency School Support Team(MASST) program supports kindergarten to grade 6 children who exhibit high risk and negative behaviour, or are at an increased risk of victimization, resulting in a reduction in levels of defiance, aggression, disruptive behaviour, bullying, stealing or running away from home or school.

New tools

In 2013, CPS launched the information gathering tool, Palantir, which provides faster access to information for investigators.

Improving How We Deliver Services

New programs

Launch of Auxiliary Cadet Program is for individuals 18-24 who have an interest in a future career in policing. The cadets are assisting the Calgary Police Service sworn members at District offices and throughout the Service. They receive training and exposure to policing and serving the public, while freeing up sworn members to conduct key policing activities.

New collaborations

The restructured Centralized General Investigations Section (CGIS) and the Real Time Operations Centre (RTOC) work together to quickly mobilize teams of detectives that can saturate a crime scene to effectively and efficiently process evidence, statements and suspect information towards the faster apprehension and charging of suspects

What services do we provide?

Crime Prevention and Early Intervention

  • Develop and deliver crime prevention educational programs for youth such as the Junior Police Academy and the School Resource Officer Program, which engage, teach, and create positive relationships with law enforcement.
  • Spearhead community based initiatives to address such issues as elder abuse, at-risk children, gang violence, child abuse, homelessness, addictions and domestic violence.
  • Work with community partners to assist in diversion of adults and youth from involvement in the Justice System.

Enforcement & Investigation

  • Respond to both 911 and non-emergency calls from the public.
  • Enforce traffic laws and coordinate proactive approaches to traffic issues.
  • Provide a variety of supports to front-line officers including helicopter, canine, and investigative.
  • Dedicate significant resources to investigate organized crime, fraud, identify theft, cyber-crime, drugs, auto-theft, commercial crime and gang activity.
  • Investigate and solve major crimes such as homicides, robberies, child abuse and sex crimes.
  • Coordinate with other agencies for joint-force operations such as the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team that disrupts and dismantles serious and organized crime across the province.
  • Conduct crime scene investigation and forensic services.
  • Manage Real Time Operations Centre (RTOC) that provides real-time analytical and investigative support to front-line officers.

Internal Support

  • Manage human resources, training and career development.
  • Provide information and technology support, maintain police records, report taking and other administrative duties.
  • Maintain the CPS budget and provide financial support to the organization.
  • Investigate complaints against police officers and other employees. Process Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy requests.
  • Undertake internal operational audits for continuous improvement and accountability of internal processes.
  • Assess the nature, extent and distribution of crime in order to efficiently and effectively allocate resources and deploy personnel. As well as, identify crime-suspect correlations and assess criminal intelligence to develop effective strategies to address current crime issues and to prevent future crimes.
  • Provide strategic resources such as policy development, program planning and evaluation, and a research library.