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Corporate Services (CS)

What we do

What we do We provide citizens and businesses with access to The City through services like 311,, and CITYonline. We support lower-income Calgarians by providing affordable housing and we support Calgary’s economy through the development and sale of industrial, business and surplus lands.

We support the Corporation through the attraction, development and retention of over 14,000 employees; we provide the technologies and tools that connect citizens with services and employees with each other; we manage the buildings and workspaces that enable employees to work productively; and we manage and maintain the vehicles that keep The City on the go!

Strategic Direction

We are working towards delivering goals identified in the 2020 Sustainability Direction and the Municipal Development Plan.

  • Engaging citizens – we are working to increase the level of citizen input into the way we set priorities and the way we prioritize services.
  • Developing a skilled and productive workforce – we aim to ensure that we attract and hire qualified candidates from all segments of the community.
  • Effectively managing infrastructure – we provide safe workspaces for our employees and dispose of unneeded City-owned land in a timely fashion to free up capital for other uses.
  • Reducing energy consumption – our energy audit program identifies alternative approaches to energy sources and options to reduce energy consumption for City facilities, fleet, and workplaces.

2012 – 2013 Accomplishments

The 2012 to 2014 business plan focused on improving access to services, managing a changing workforce, filling hard-to-recruit positions, and maintaining current levels of service in face of increasing costs by seeking out efficiencies. Achievements to-date and planned initiatives include:

Improving access to services through the web

Developing tools and technologies that allow citizens and employees’ access to City services ‘anytime/anywhere/with any device’ has resulted in improved delivery of services at reduced costs.

Supporting capital project delivery

Developing and implementing a project management framework that will enable more accurate and consistent planning, budgeting, and execution of capital projects.

Preparing for future employees

Tomorrow’s Workplace is a program intended to reduce the City’s requirement for office space (and associated costs) while building a collaborative and flexible way of working where employees can efficiently and effectively deliver services anywhere/anytime.

Providing services to external agencies

Fleet Services provides maintenance and repair services for the Southern Alberta ambulance fleet belonging to Alberta Health Services, further evidence of Fleet Services’ focus on providing competitive, high-value service to their customers.

Improving how we deliver services

The approved 2012-2014 operating budget called for more efficient ways to deliver services, with a target of $7.4 million in productivity savings. To date, approximately $12 million in savings has been identified. Examples of efficiencies gained include:

  • By outsourcing the internal print shop, we saved $750,000 in operational costs and up to $500,000 in internal printing costs.
  • Through process improvements and organizational changes, we were able to achieve $1.6 million in savings.
  • By implementing green initiatives in City buildings such as using LED light bulbs, new and less labour intensive materials for maintenance and re-using/ recycling materials, we were able to achieve $215,000 in annual savings.
  • By developing a talent search engine instead of hiring an external search firm, we were able to save approximately $200,000 in recruiting costs for hard-to-fill positions.

Flood 2013

The June 2013 flood had a large impact on our services. We responded with communications, technology, and mapping services to support relief and recovery efforts. Programs were quickly put in place to restore technology, provide temporary housing, and respond to increased citizen inquiries. Impacts to the planned work program include:

  • Planned facility maintenance was affected as efforts were redirected to re-opening key workspaces in the downtown core.
  • Mapping and geo-spatial projects for 2013 were delayed due to re-mapping the course change of the Bow River, and requests to support flood recovery and resiliency efforts.
  • Information Technology post-flood restoration is ongoing with a focus on the telecommunications system.


Total Gross Budget 2014 - $234

Tax-Supported Net Operating Budget 2014 - $154.7M


Corporate Services Operating Budget

 *funded by non-tax sources including fees and other revenues

Capital Budget - $265M

 Corporate Services Capital Budget

Major capital projects underway include:

  • Urgent and critical facility repairs and lifecycle replacement.
  • Development of major operational workplace centres.
  • 311 operations and development of online access technologies and tools.
  • Fleet vehicle lifecycle replacement and new vehicle acquisition.
  • Information technology lifecycle replacements, upgrades and enhancements.
  • Service and supply of industrial land.
  • Delivery and maintenance of affordable housing in Calgary.

What services do we provide?

Corporate Properties & Buildings (CPB)

2014 Net Operating Budget - $34.2M

  • We provide land, workplaces and offices for City business units to deliver services to citizens. This includes office and administrative space, regional operations work centres, warehouses and third-party lease space.
  • We steward 47 City buildings and operate 92 additional buildings for City business units.
  • We acquire all land and manage real estate properties for the City.
  • We provide land that is used for rail, road, pipe, parks, recreation and community protection.
  • We design and construct the workplaces and spaces where City staff work and deliver services.

DID YOU KNOW? That in the 2013 June flooding, the Municipal Building, Historic City Hall and three other downtown buildings sustained extensive flood water damage displacing 2,818 employees – yet front line services and Council were back to work and delivering vital services in three days, working from buildings located outside the downtown core.

Customer Service & Communications (CSC)

2014 Net Operating Budget – $18.3M

  • Customer Service & Communications engages and informs citizens and employees as well as provides access to City services.
  • We provide citizens timely and easy-to-understand communications. We provide material such as Recreation program guides and Transit schedules.
  • We create engagement opportunities for citizens and stakeholders to participate in City decision making. We do market research to understand your needs, opinions and views.
  • We provide access to City information and services where, when and how people want it. We operate 311 taking 1.2 million calls per year and manage the content for which receives 18 million visits per year.

DID YOU KNOW? You can now connect with The City through or request a service through the 311 Calgary mobile application. We’re ready to assist you 24 hours-a-day.

Fleet Services (FS)

2014 Net Operating Budget – ($2.5 M)

  • We provide expertise in fleet management.
  • We make sure the vehicles that provide City services are safe, reliable and efficient whether they support garbage and recycling collection, road repair and cleaning, water main repair or public space maintenance.
  • We deliver auto body repair as well as driver / operator training.
  • We operate under a fee-for-service model and measure our services against similar suppliers in the private sector so that we stay competitive.

DID YOU KNOW? Fleet Services is open seven day per week, 20 hours per day to ensure the City fleet remains available to serve the needs of Calgary citizens.

Human Resources (HR)

2014 Net Operating Budget - $28.0 M

  • Human Resources supports each business unit to attract, develop and retain our employees.
  • We provide numerous job opportunities and career possibilities. With over 14,000 City employees, we support the long-term careers of thousands of diverse people.
  • We support the business and employees through the delivery of recruitment, compensation, training, workforce and career planning, which ultimately leads to employee retention and reduced costs associated with employee turnover.
  • We make sure employees are paid in exchange for their services through pay processing and we provide legislated reporting.
  • We work to support health and wellness through administration of wellness programs. When an employee is ill or injured, we administer their benefits and assist in returning them to work as quickly as possible.
  • We work with our unions to negotiate and administer collective agreements.

DID YOU KNOW? We are a highly unionized environment and that 90% of employees work under one of ten collective agreements.

Information Technology (IT)

2014 Net Operating Budget - $55.5 M

  • Information Technology is a common thread that runs through all City services. From recreation bookings to 9-1-1 calls to traffic monitoring systems, IT provides the technology and innovation in the delivery of all City services to Calgarians.
  • We maintain reliable access to civic information and services on
  • We ensure your information is kept private and confidential.
  • We develop innovative solutions and use emerging technologies to make services and operations more efficient within our changing environment.
  • We build the infrastructure that supports high speed connectivity for the delivery of essential and critical public services.

DID YOU KNOW? More than 650 City vehicles, such as waste & recycling trucks, snow plows, lawn mowers and fire trucks are equipped with City fleet onboard diagnostic technology that can reduce idle time, save costs on fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear. It also allows us to track where vehicles are at all times to dispatch equipment and field workers efficiently.

Infrastructure & Information Services (IIS)

2014 Net Operating Budget - $15.8 M

  • Infrastructure & Information Services (IIS) captures key geospatial, mapping and other base data; creates and analyzes information for decision support in areas such as energy management, infrastructure and asset management and manages intellectual property rights.
  • We work collaboratively to deliver innovative solutions for surveying, mapping, drafting, geographic analysis, and engineering services.
  • We manage electricity and natural gas supply contracts, citizen and industry access to rights-of-way, and online access to City information, products, and services via CITYonline, our eCommerce website.
  • We advance The City’s project & asset management practices through facilitation, consulting, training, and career development.

DID YOU KNOW? IIS manages The City’s online store called CITYonline that offers hundreds of City products including Transit passes, City maps and access to The City’s Open Data.

Office of Land Servicing & Housing (OLSH)

2014 Net Operating Budget - $4.8 M

  • The Office of Land Servicing & Housing (OLSH) develops and sells industrial land to attract diverse and quality employers, disposes of surplus City owned land, and delivers and maintains affordable housing.
  • We sell surplus City-owned lands to maximize the financial and community value to The City.
  • We support high value job creation by developing industrial and business park land so that businesses can locate and grow in Calgary.
  • We build, buy, and partner to support the creation of affordable housing units. We also develop and implement policies and programs such as the secondary suites grant program to support a variety of choices in affordable housing units.
  • We are the Calgary Housing Company where we manage and operate over 7,000 affordable housing units and administer over 2,800 rent subsidies with the goal of providing safe and affordable housing to Calgarians.

DID YOU KNOW? In 2013, we sold 21 parcels of surplus City-owned land, 45 acres of serviced industrial land, and provided housing to approximately 800 households on the affordable housing waiting list.