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Capital Plan and Budgets


The City develops its capital investment plan in a five-year time frame. This ensures appropriate planning for required projects and demonstrates the complete impact of major, multi-year projects.

What is a Capital Budget?

  • A capital budget includes estimated expenditures needed to pay for such assets as land and construction of buildings, bridges and other major permanent improvements.
  • An item will be deemed a capital item if it has a life expectancy of more than one year.
  • The capital budget is based on a five-year plan, where the costs of a project may be spread-out over more than one year.

Use of capital budgets

  • Buying land, construction of buildings and infrastructure (i.e. roads, recreation centres, libraries).
  • Buying of items used for one-time costs, with a life expectancy of more than one year (i.e. equipment, vehicles, structures, systems, etc.).
  • Largely funded through government grants, debt and reserves.

In most cases, money cannot be transferred between capital and operating budgets because of rules set by funders.

The City’s 2014 - 2018 capital budget totals $5.8 billion.

The tax-supported portion is $4.07 billion and the Utilities portion is $1.68 billion. Major types of capital projects identified in the capital plan include:

  • Transportation ($515 million capital budget 2014).
  • Community Services & Protective Services ($375 million capital budget 2014) — $156 million for Parks and Recreation, $96 million for Fire and $114 million for Community & Neighbourhood Services).
  • Utilities & Environmental Protection ($462 million capital budget 2014).
  • Corporate Services ($265 million capital budget 2014 — including $98 million for Corporate Properties & Buildings, $36 million for Fleet Services, $66 million for Office of Land Servicing & Housing and$39 million for Information Technology).

The capital plan includes a mix of new, maintenance and upgrade projects. It acknowledges that the needs for new infrastructure must be balanced against The City’s obligations for existing infrastructure in established communities.

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Funding the 2014-2018 Capital Budget: $5.8 billion


Funding the Capital Budget – Pie Chart  


Spending the 2014-2018 Capital Budget: $5.8 billion


Spending the Capital Budget – Pie Chart