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Calgary Housing Company

What we do

Calgary Housing Company (CHC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The City of Calgary. CHC’s mandate is the management of housing units and programs to provide affordable housing options to Calgarians. As the largest landlord in Calgary, CHC manages the rentals for over 10,000 households serving 24,000 citizens.

The properties CHC manages are owned by CHC, The City, or the Government of Alberta. The majority of funding comes from the Province in the form of capital investment, ongoing subsidies, rent supplements and operating support. CHC also coordinates services and partnerships with other organizations to offer programs that assist tenants with a wide range of specialized needs to achieve positive outcomes.

Key functions include:

Housing Services – Management of over 7,000 rental units to provide quality customer services in the provision of affordable homes and services for over 24,000 citizens in need. CHC also coordinates outreach services with other agencies to support low-income tenants.

Asset Development - Comprehensive asset management and development to optimize properties and meet changing client needs.

Business Services – Ongoing initiatives to improve efficiency, increase transparency, and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

CHC’s Board of Directors includes members from the community, City Administration and City Council. The Board is accountable to The City as sole shareholder (as represented by Council). CHC’s approximately 175 staff members are City employees.

Approved CHC Business Plan and Budget


Proposed Calgary Housing Company Business Plan and Budget

September 2014 Draft Business Plan Presentations