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Calgary Parking Authority

What we do

As the operator of municipally owned public on-street and off-street parking facilities, the key role of the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) is to implement the parking policies of City Council. CPA operates under the Parking Authority Bylaw established in 1968. This ensures that Calgary’s parking programs are closely aligned with the City’s urban planning and transportation goals. Council’s Parking Policy Framework for Calgary integrates the goals of the Municipal Development Plan, Calgary Transportation Plan and other parking policy documents to implement the strategies Council wants to achieve in planning and marketing in Calgary. The CPA has significantly improved its customer service focus in Calgary. The CPA is also enhancing its technology and service delivery to other entities to improve its return on investment.

An exciting new role of the CPA is to leverage its innovative parking technology system (ParkPlus SystemTM) to pursue business opportunities locally and world-wide. This will be accomplished through a commercial relationship  with master licensee(s) for marketing and licensing the ParkPlus SystemTM outside Alberta. The CPA will also market locally within Alberta by the provision of software hosting services or full parking management services.

Approved CPA Business Plan and Budget


What do we do?

  1. Public parking management on-street and off-street
  2. Parking enforcement and municipal impound lot operations
  3. Parking advisory services
  4. Residential parking permit administration and enforcement
  5. Commercialization of the ParkPlus SystemTM
  6. Supply of off-street public parking

Proposed Calgary Parking Authority Business Plan and Budget

September 2014 Draft Business Plan Presentations