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Planning, Development & Assessment

What we do

The Planning, Development & Assessment (PDA) department fulfills Calgary's vision for a great city by stewarding the creation, redevelopment and valuation of vibrant, sustainable communities. PDA does this by working collaboratively with citizens and stakeholders to develop land use policies and services that support land use and development, manage population growth, and regional planning. PDA also reviews development and building applications and ensures building safety by performing building inspections, in addition to, assessing all city properties and business to support The City's financial sustainability.

Calgary is a city of tremendous opportunity that finds itself at a critical juncture in its progress. How PDA plans now and the decisions that are made will shape the future of Calgary. This future-focussed work is branded as nextCITY. With nextCITY, PDA is 'Aiming High' through an expanded and elevated public dialogue and growing smart through the delivery of tangible and valuable processes, products and services. PDA is aligning tactics with values to achieve positive change. NextCITY, including PDA's new planning system, ensures that work is future-focused and outcome-based, which is helping Calgary take the next step in its evolution in achieving the vision of Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP).

PDA is capitalizing on doing business differently and is in the early stages of implementing a departmental realignment, which will enhance process and improve how services are delivered to citizens and customers. This means delivering the best processes, products and services, while making the most of available resources.

Approved PDA Business Plan and Budget 

PDA business units

  • Assessment
  • City Wide Policy & Integration (CPI)
  • Inspections & Permit Services (IPS)
  • Local Area Planning & Implementation (LPI)

What services do we provide?

  • Applications & Policy
  • Assessment Development Services
  • Building Regulations
  • Business Operations
  • Business Services
  • Business Strategy
  • Centre City
  • City Wide Strategy
  • Customer & Governance Services
  • Customer Advisory Services
  • Growth Management
  • Valuation

September 2014 Draft Business Plan Presentations