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Calgary Police Service

What we do

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) business plan utilizes the commitments, strategies and actions that will support our mission to maximize public safety in Calgary.

In the last business cycle, the CPS made great strides in achieving its mission, as well as addressing the needs to Calgary's growing population and increasing demands for service. This was achieved in part through more efficient and effective deployment of resources as well as budget growth that allowed for a focus on specific issues and crime trends.

By working with strong community partners such as Alberta Health Services, Community and Neighbourhood Services, Home Front and Calgary school boards, the CPS deployed approximately 40 integrated teams to address youth and families at risk, mental health issues, and domestic violence. Research demonstrates that this approach along with crime prevention and early intervention, are effective in reducing crime and victimization in the community.

Tax Supported Net Operating Budget 2015-2016

Calgary Police Service Tax Supported Net Operating Budget 

2015-2019 Capital Plan: $65 million


During this business cycle, the CPS will continue to address the needs of a growing city through:

  • Leveraging technology to create further operational efficiencies allowing our members to focus more effectively on community concerns and crime issues.
  • Continuing to reduce crime through crime prevention, intervention and reduction programs.
  • Finding efficiencies such as expanding the police Auxiliary Cadet Program to increase levels of service and improve recruitment opportunities.
  • Delivering effective and relevant training to our members.
  • Providing health and wellness supports for members, that ensures the CPS is best positioned to confront crime and address citizen safety.

By continuously seeking to improve how business is done and using resources with accountability and transparency, the CPS will ensure the best service possible is being provided to the community.

In order to better manage the impacts of anticipated population growth, changes in demographics, increasing diversity and the ever growing complexity of crime, the CPS will continue to find and reinvest benefits from efficiencies. With these efficiencies in mind, it is expected that existing service levels will be maintained through 2015 and 2016. However, as a result of Calgary's economic forecast, it is expected that population growth will continue, while at the same time making the city more attractive to criminals.

These increasing pressures will significantly challenge CPS's ability to maintain service delivery levels to the community in 2017 and 2018.

Calgary Police Service aligns with all five Council Priorities.

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