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Action Plan 2015-2018: Council

What We Do

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is aligned with Priority 5 – A well run city.  The Audit Committee is a committee of City Council and has responsibility for overseeing the integrity of, and reviews, the annual financial statements; The City’s internal control processes; and The City’s integrated risk management. The Audit Committee also oversees the Whistle Blower Program through the City Auditor’s Office. The City Auditor’s Office reports through Audit Committee to City Council.

The Audit Committee oversees the performance of the City Auditor and the External Auditor. The Audit Committee coordinates its governance responsibilities with the audit committees of The City’s major autonomous civic entities and is expected to be involved in a broader governance role.

City Auditors Office

The City Auditor’s Office (CAO) is aligned with Priority 5 – A well run city. The CAO is independent of Administration and assists Council in its oversight of the City Manager’s administration and accountability for stewardship over public funds and achievement of value for money in City operations. This service is accomplished through the efficient delivery of risk-based audits and the management of a robust Whistle-Blower program.

In order to effectively deliver these services the following components are required:

  • Salaries and training for professional staff
  • Contract auditors to provide subject matter expertise
  • Annual software licences for audit work paper tools, data mining software, and web-based whistle-blower intake system

Office of the Councillors

This program supports the individuals elected as Councillors to govern The City of Calgary and assist them in representing their constituents.

  • Councillors, as Members of Council, set policies and budgets to guide the Administration of The City of Calgary
  • Councillors each individually also represent the interests of their constituents to both Council and the Administration

The primary means of support to Council provided by the program are:

  • The salaries and benefits of Councillors
  • A Ward budget for each Councillor that provides funding for the equivalent of up to three full time Assistants and for expenses incurred in the execution of the duties of office as provided for by Council policy
  • Shared office staff (7FTE) to support the Councillors and their Assistants through the provision of such office services as reception, secretarial, payroll, benefits administration, expense processing, training, supplies procurement, etc.
  • IT equipment and support
  • Provision of office supplies and materials

The primary purpose of the program is to facilitate communication of Councillors with citizens and with City administration.

Office of the Mayor

The Mayor of Calgary is the only member of City Council elected by all voters in Calgary and is the primary representative to the community, other orders of government, and the public at large. The Mayor chairs meetings of Council and certain committees of Council. The Mayor is a member of all Council committees and represents The City on certain outside boards.

To support the Mayor in his duties, Council provides the Mayor with a budget for his office. The key functions provided by the Office of the Mayor include:

  • Reception and administration
  • Scheduling and logistics
  • Communication
  • Research and policy development
  • Government relations
  • Community relations
  • Special projects

The special projects that currently reside in the Office of the Mayor include:

  • Transforming Government
  • Cut Red Tape
  • 3 Things for Calgary
  • Mayor Nenshi’s Walk Challenge

Total Net Operating Budget 2015-2016


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