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What we do

Transportation provides a safe, customer-focused and efficient system that offers a variety of transportation choices to move people and goods in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner. The department plans, designs, builds, operates and maintains local transportation networks and services that support all modes of travel. This includes pedestrian, cycling and transit facilities, major roads, expressways and interchanges with the future in mind. Transportation monitors and forecasts travel demand and promotes transit, carpooling, working from home, walking, cycling and sustainable urban development to ease traffic volume growth.

Transportation capital projects are prioritized through the collection and analysis of travel information, citizen engagement and collaboration with partners (including the Calgary Parking Authority and the Government of Alberta). Project management excellence is demonstrated by delivering projects on time, on budget and with high quality standards.

Tax Supported Net Operating Budget 2015 - 2016

Tax Supported Net Operating Budget 2015 - 2016

2015-2019 Capital Plan: $2,511 million

Tax Supported Net Operating Budget 2015 - 2016 

Transportation business units

  • Calgary Transit (CT)
  • Roads (RDS)
  • Transportation Infrastructure (TI)
  • Transportation Planning (TP)

Transportation aligns with all Council Priorities, most prominently contained in a city that moves.

Services we provide

  • Business & Technical Support
  • CTrain & Bus Service
  • Fleet & Infrastructure Management
  • Major Transportation Capital Projects
  • Optimizing & Improving Transportation Choice
  • Roadway & Bridge Infrastructure
  • Service Planning & Customer Service
  • Sidewalks & Bikeways
  • Snow & Ice Control & Street Sweeping
  • Specialized Transit for Persons with Disabilities
  • Traffic Control & Lighting
  • Transportation Monitoring, Forecasting & Reporting
  • Transportation Planning Policy

Read the complete 2015 – 2018 business plans and budgets.