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Council Priorities - A healthy and green city

We steward our air, land, and water while encouraging healthy lifestyles for all Calgarians.

Strategic Actions

Natural Environment

H1 Implement the green cart program and multi-family recycling strategy, and reduce industrial, commercial and institutional waste in our landfills.

H2 Encourage a broader range of innovative and clean energy technologies.

H3 Manage the interrelationships between flood protection, water quality and quantity, and land use.

H4 Work with our regional partners and the Government of Alberta on an integrated approach to the watershed.

H5 Protect and enhance our urban forest and natural landscape throughout Calgary.

H6 Continue to build public awareness and understanding of our shared responsibility to conserve and protect the environment.

Healthy Living

H7 Foster healthy lifestyles through a range of accessible and affordable recreational programs and opportunities that encourage active daily living.

H8 Continue to invest in indoor and outdoor recreation facilities that address the changing needs of Calgarians.

H9 Optimize the existing parks network to ensure Calgarians have access to nature and healthy and active lifestyles.

H10 Lead by example and manage regulatory risks to protect public health and the environment.

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