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Engagement Reach and Participation

The Action Plan inclusive engagement saw a strong response from Calgarians. Engagement events averaged 160 participants per community session with consistent attendance up until the last event and total attendance just over 3,300 citizens. Time spent on the Action Plan website averaged five minutes per visit. Visit time spent on the online engagement tools averaged 8-10 minutes per visit with over 3,400 total submissions. In total, the website and online tools received over 21,000 visits.

This strong response was fueled by an active awareness campaign. The following figures illustrate the circulation, awareness, and rates of participation in the engagement for Action Plan 2015-2018. The figures also show the average interaction time of participants across engagement methods.

 Action Plan Engagement 4 

Circulation: The total number of impressions put out through various marketing mediums to expose the message.

Awareness: Based on circulation, the likely number of times that the message is noticed. Social Media

Interactions: The number of click-through on promoted ads, and re-sending of content.

 Action Plan Engagement 5 

Website/ Online Tool Visits: Unique visits to the project website or directly to each of the three online tools.

Online Tools: Of visitors to the three online tools, describes the number of submissions received.

Face-to-Face Tools: Visitors to the 21 in-person events held at various community locations around the city.

Ideation & Focus Groups: Recruited participation across Citizen & Civic Partner Ideation Sessions, Social Agency and Business Focus Groups