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Engagement Approach

In November 2013, City Council approved the budget, scope and scale for citizen engagement to support City Council and City staff during the planning process for the Action Plan. The engagement was directed to:

  • Be comprehensive, inclusive, and provide multiple opportunities across multiple channels to participate;
  • Improve access and convenience of face-to-face opportunities through locating engagement events at community gathering places such as malls, libraries, leisure centres, parks, etc..;
  • Ensure citizen awareness of engagement opportunities through extensive marketing;
  • Embed opportunities for education on the City’s services, budgets and business planning process in the engagement tactics;
  • Focus dialogue on the community vision outlined in The City’s guiding strategic documents;
  • Leverage existing engagement and research results in the development and implementation of the engagement strategy.

To meet Council’s engagement objectives within the time frame of Action Plan, multiple engagement and research tactics were implemented simultaneously in March 2014 and organized into four input streams. The four engagement-input streams included: Reflection and Synthesis, Representative Engagement, Inclusive Engagement, and Internal Engagement.

 Action Plan Engagement Timelines  

Reflection and Synthesis involved a review of citizen engagement and research activities across the corporation conducted from 2010-2013.

Representative Engagement employed qualitative research methods. Participants in this stream were recruited to ensure representation of harder-to-reach populations and the broad diversity of perspectives of Calgarians.

Inclusive engagement was the core effort of the engagement strategy, which sought to reach, educate, and solicit feedback from as many Calgarians as possible regarding spending priorities and the City’s long-term priority areas.

Internal Engagement leveraged City staff and civic partners’ specialized knowledge to generate ideas of ways to collaborate for efficiency and improved community success.