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Key Observations from Past Research & Engagement

Examination of 86 research and engagement reports conducted from 2010-2013 revealed six overarching themes; for a detailed review of past research and engagement, please see past research engage analysis. The noted themes are:

  • Service commitment. Calgarians consistently rate most City services as important. Of note was a lack of detailed knowledge of City services. Broad service categories such as Fire Department or Residential Garbage Collection received various ratings of importance, but specific services provided in these areas appeared less familiar to respondents leading to some inconsistencies related to Level of Service and Expectations.
  • Safety. Overall perceptions of safety have steadily increased in Calgary from 2010-13. Citizens have expressed a lower perception of safety in the Centre City, while fewer citizens believe that neighborhood crime rates have increased.
  • Citizen Dialogue. Survey responses emphasized the importance that citizens place on opportunities to provide feedback to The City about their preferences, priorities, habits, approach to consuming information, and opportunities to be involved.
  • Affordability and value. Citizens are knowledgeable about tax dollar spending and are willing to pay more taxes to expand or maintain services. In short: they will pay if they know what they are getting. Affordability of housing in Calgary is a main concern – the majority of citizens believe affordable housing is important and that The City should help fund affordable housing.
  • Equity and fairness. It appears equity and fairness is the one main theme area where The City of Calgary can improve. The importance of having city supported programs and services for diverse groups such as youth, seniors, persons with disabilities, those in poverty, homeless or socially isolated was also identified.
  • Quality. Quality here refers to the direct services provided by The City and citizen expectations for quality of that service. In terms of satisfaction, research points to a growing sense of improved quality service amongst citizens.