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Executive Summary


The City’s Business Planning and Budget Coordination process, Action Plan 2015-2018, presents a road-map for developing the City’s four year business plans and budgets. This process combines clear Council priorities, with strategic direction from The City`s long-term planning policies to ensure Calgary`s future, while being efficient and accountable today. 

Given the wide range of interested stakeholders and the potential impacts they could have on this complex project, it was determined early on that no single engagement approach on its own could provide enough input to support Council decision making. As a result, the Action Plan 2015-2018 engagement strategy sought feedback across distinct streams, using multiple channels and a variety of methods in order to best gather the breadth of input required to span the Action Planning process. 

The Action Plan engagement campaign ran from March 3-21. The goal was to let all Calgarians know of the opportunities to participate, give them accessible ways to participate through a variety of formats, and to gather quality input from citizens to aid council and administration in its work. 

The Action Plan engagement results reflect the diverse and thoughtful opinions, priorities, concerns and community aspirations of participants across multiple input streams.