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Executive Summary

Key Observations

Calgarians who participated in the Action Plan engagement provided their feedback to consider. The input gathered covers a wide-array of opinions and ideas, several key themes emerged throughout all engagement streams and revealed some consistent priorities.


  • An efficient and reliable public transit network was identified as a top priority consistently across engagement input streams.

Affordable Housing

  • Emerged as a priority across input streams expressed as impacting everything from cost of living, to social isolation, to job talent attraction.

Other Transportation

  • While public transit emerged as a priority on its own, it is clear that how Calgarians get around is a top-of-mind priority.

Other Community/ Urban Planning

  • Community safety, local parks and amenities, and urban sprawl were commonly recurring topics.

Efficiency/ Effectiveness

  • There was an expressed desire for improved demonstration of spending efficiencies in municipal service delivery.

Taxes/ Tax Rates

  • There was an expressed preference to maintain service levels, even if accompanied by tax rate increases. There was also recognition that property taxes could be a burden to those with lower or fixed incomes.